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  1. Pushmenot

    Back on course.

    Haha, I love the post dude. I know the feeling, sometimes you feel you just have to get some things off your chest. I don't blame you. I have a built up rant feeling like it needs to come out soon as well.
  2. Pushmenot

    FBX SDK skinned animation

    Yes, I agree. I wouldn't of chosen to build the curves myself. Although I understand your reasoning for wanting to take on the task, some things are better off left alone.
  3. Pushmenot

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    I usually stay clear of political debates and discussions, because at times they get a bit out of hand. I will say this much, that I'm not a huge trump supporter. The one thing that he is doing that has caught my interest is this new space force. I've recently taken a huge interest in space, and the different space technologies, so I would love to see where this goes.
  4. I would say go with OpenGL. I can understand your sediment regarding using C++ as I typically write code in C# and I have grown to love it over the years, but it is sometimes like taking the easy way out. It all really depends on how advanced you are in your coding skills.
  5. Pushmenot

    Streets of Rage 4...OMG!

    There really has been a lot of hype around the new streets of rage, and I'm loving it. 😎 I have been a true fan of streets of rage since the original one came out, I really can't wait to get my, hands on this new one. It looks promising.
  6. Nice theory regarding going the educational route regarding the Ninja Mystical series. I'll have to take a look at Goemans great adventure for SNES. I hadn't heard of this game until now.
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