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  1. I have simply used GIMP for the pixel art and then compress it into whatever texture i want for rendering. It is quite simple to use, no learning curve, and if it's simple and does the deal, i am up for it. That's my personal preference
  2. Sideer

    Do you still play video games?

    I took a long break from competetive online games, even MMORPGs or anything mobile related. When i was deep inside playing these genres i feel like i have missed to cherish the beauty of the new releases. I prefered ten matches of the same thing over something unique and expansive. This year especially i found the new breathing with the single player games, and i recommend anyone deep inside competetive scene, to come out and remember the good old solo plays. It is introspective and you can pause, and chill, actually feeling refreshed instead of sucked out. But that might be just me
  3. Sideer

    Streets of Rage 4...OMG!

    Rogue like beat em` up would be nice to see. Streets of Rage when every game is different, with different traps, rotations, bosses XD
  4. Any talk about politics or religion contributes more to divide than progress through the debate. These topics are banned not to shut down the spread of awareness of some important events, but it is a time tested experience, that no one ever listens to the other side. It is too engrained in people psyche, debates cannot change the opinion of neither side. Discussion ends in a draw and no improvement, or a hot headed mess where both sides are fueled by their defensive mechanisms unaware of it. We have to entertain the fact that people want the same things - better life, safer environment, improvement over matter. These topics are fueled by the fire we all have, but words are way too limited to see through the other person. In order to unite, we have to direct our efforts toward the common goal, and debating about politics is simply not the action that works. Words divide. If one google the positive side of something, they will find the positive arguments, if someone google the negative - finds negative. And after many searches your suggestions will be related to your previous searches and you become stuck in a bubble where one side is always right and the other is not. It is too easy to get wrapped up in the youtube/google algorithm, and that is the problem.
  5. Sideer

    where did you start to make a game?

    It's a good job done sorting these different aspects into categories. Now the coding part, you would want to modulize the structure of your game into different building blocks. Don't implement the concept just yet, work on the overall flow of the prototype now. Leave what you have done aside. If you have an engine already, program your environment in such way so you can easily implement layers of other aspects. Define the boundaries first in which you will work. Expand later, now you have to deal with the working prototype. Environment < workflow < character module | quest/story module | other modules < only then start thinking about the story, characters and other micro things.
  6. I would say that is a healthy competition for the market. Everyone wants their own piece of pie, and people prefer the ones who can offer more utility, compatibility, ease of access. That is driving them to compete with each other and push toward more features, even if it seems that they use the same algorithms, the applicability is still varies depending on the platform, and one is better than the other in different fields. Various capacities for rendering allows to not depend on one monopolized setting, and it is healthy for the market, for the developers and overall, when one goes down, there are others to fill the gap.
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