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  1. callmejacklogan

    managing player feedback on test builds - most efficient way??

    Am too having with this, please help me too. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards, Jack Logan. panda helper emu4ios gbwhatsapp
  2. callmejacklogan

    Some DAW Questions

    I use this for composition, sound design, and mixing. Also works great for working to picture. I do have Reason as well and sometimes use Rewire to bring in some of those unique Reason sounds I have into my Logic sessions. For large audio editing jobs - mainly dialog - I have Pro Tools 12 Native. It just has the best, most fluid audio editing workflow I've ever experienced. Aside from that, I sorta hate Pro Tools and REALLY dislike Avid's business practices. Regards, 3ds emulator Cartoon HD playbox hd
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