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    My first RPG game in javascript

    Yeah. For now there is nothing to do in game so when i made some battle and leveling system i will release it I made better quality video with few more small features. Even some of them are visible at the video, but the greatest change for me is the new game loading mechanism using promises, cause game wasn't loading sometimes(some functions were executing before another function wasn't ready). New video(Youtube) Btw game has multiplayer using websockets in node.js
  2. xaddrian666

    My first RPG game in javascript

    Hello, i want to share my project with others just for not being the only person who knows about it I think i'm not completely beginner, so i decided to try some game. I'm still learning game mechanism so probably this project is for testing purposes. I started as a website developer so i am coding in javascipt. Of course i will learn new real programming languages like C++ or java but probably in near future. For now js is enough for me This is my first video from the game just to show features i've made. It was recorded some time ago, so there's more small features now, just need to record new video Please let me know what you think about it(don't look at rpg maker textures, it's for testing purposes, ofc in official release i will made my own txt) and what features would you like to see in the future. P.s: sorry for my bad english, i'm still learning(and for no HD in video ) Link to video(Youtube)
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