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  1. random_user2018

    What are the principles of game design?

    Games are designed not engineered. Not using templates gives you creative freedom and it makes it easier to design games. Following a predetermined path takes the focus away from what matters in a game, fun and you end up making bland generic games (titan siege, revelation online, kritika online, c9, vindictus, etc). You cant take the same approach when making a game as you would building a robot. Game design is closer to art than it is to science, it has more to do with creativity than it has to do with logic. I can't think of any examples of how this workflow has helped me but if u think u can prove me wrong go ahead.
  2. random_user2018

    What are the principles of game design?

    I'm impressed, you actually managed to take the fun out of game design. When designing games you should ask yourself if the idea you have would be fun and how it would affect the game experience, then all those things you talk about (space, obstacles, goals, mechanics, rules etc) will come naturally. You shouldn't try to make games the same way you would build a machine (by the book, using precise measurements and specific parts that go together in a specific way), you should use your experience to know how to put things together and make the game fun to play (because that is the purpose of a game). Play a lot of games and learn as much as possible from them and if you don't like playing games you should look for a job in another field.
  3. random_user2018

    In-Game Economy, Am I missing anything?

    Looks good to me. 👍
  4. random_user2018

    A simple language game

    If u decide to make the game I would recommend that u make it buy to play with no ads. Also make sure the pronunciation is slow and clear.
  5. random_user2018

    Help me choose an engine

    I want to make a game similar to Tiny Miner without having to write any code but I'm not sure which game engine to use. What are your suggestions?
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