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  1. Uldis Valainis

    RPG game c++ visual studio making process

    Thanks for the advice! This helps a lot!
  2. Uldis Valainis

    RPG game c++ visual studio making process

    Yes, you are correct, sorry for not clarifying I have some knowledge on text based rpg games, with shops, travel weapons and enemies all that good stuff, but i have absolutely no clue about graphical things, so i thought to ask here for advice before reading all of the internet on stuff i dont quite understand. The game would basicly be NES zelda with pokemon style fights, as i said previously i have made text based rpg games with sound effects and music (Im a little bit of a musician) but the graphics part is what worries me. I understand that its a long project i wanted to make a really small alpha that seems to do the main tasks and then expand though out the year. Im an IT student and have enough free time to work on a project a few hrs a day.
  3. i have a question. I want to make a role playing game in c++ with visual studio, and i was thinking i would make the game text based first and then add graphics to it, something like (Zelda) and stuff. Would it be a lot more difficult if i do it this way, or should i start coding the game engine and making it graphical as i go along? And maybe you could recommend how to do this better? I want everything made from scratch. Maybe you could recommend some methods on how to make this small project of mine? Thanks in advance!
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