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    top 5 flash game on pc

    Today on the Internet are very popular simple flash games that allow you to have fun. They are dedicated to a variety of subjects, but the most popular race and shooters. In such games you do not need to think much, they are very simple and entertaining. For a fun pastime, you should choose only the best projects. For example, you can at any time play free of charge in tractors on the game site Also here are collected and other interesting unblocked games. Here are the most popular ones. 1. Cool Tractors 7 Differences This is a game for attentiveness, which is surely worth playing for adults and children. The screen displays two similar pictures, in which there are seven discernible differences. All of them need to be found in a certain time to pass the level. In this game, three different tasks are available. But do not hope for an easy walk, to go through it will have to try. 2. Fast firefighters The work of firefighters is very much appreciated, because these heroes save lives of people, risking their own. With this game, everyone can try themselves in their roles. The player acts as the driver of the fire truck, which needs to quickly arrive at the scene. In this it will interfere with uneven roads, traffic jams and other obstacles. Upon arrival, you need to get the hose and start extinguishing the fire. It is important to remember that time is limited, and everything needs to be done very quickly. 3. Taxi Dubai According to the plot, the player comes to Dubai, where he is arranged as a taxi driver. This work is well paid, but it is also rather complicated. It is necessary to have time to arrive on a call, to deliver the passenger to the right place. Control is done by arrows on the keyboard. There are many other cars in the city, so you need to be careful and follow the rules of the road. In the game of Taxi Dubai a lot of interesting levels, the passage of which will turn into a fun activity. 4. Princess Car Dashboard This game is an excellent choice for girls who want to create the car of their dreams. To begin with, you will need to answer a series of questions so that the computer will pick up a suitable machine. Further, it will already be perfected directly from the salon. 5. Jetpack Fighter A very dynamic game where you will need to control a combat fighter. The player will need to fly in the sky at high speeds, and destroy enemies. Just one wrong move will lead to disaster. The screen displays the statistics of the murders and the points scored. Control is performed with the mouse and arrows.
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