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  1. Simon Crawford

    Seeking young apprentice

    I have worked in multiple different DAWs like ableton, reason, fruity loops, and UVI workstation. I have dissected Nobuo Uematsus compositions under a microscope and studied music theory for years. Not formally but through the internet. I have 2 high priced midi keyboards as well as other equipment like a mixer and drumpad. I invest alot of money and time into these creative pursuits. Writing also. When I was a kid, I was a talented reader. I was obsessed with books. When I moved onto video games, I found a new interest in writing quests and game data, character classes, special enemies (their names, background, behaviors, anatomy, etc) and in-depth crafting content. I was dreaming up imaginary worlds and bringing them to life through writing about it. I have read books on game development along with these other creative fields like pixel art(not so good in that department), music, world building, and recently OOP languages, and game engines. I have been working with game engines like RPG maker, Unity, Godot, and GameMaker studio 2. Granted, I am new to programming because I always gravitated to the more artistic frontier of video games. However recently I realized I was going to have to learn it. So for the entirety of 2017 and 2018 I have had my head buried in material on how to do that. I might not be crafting engines from scratch or programming the worlds next robot AI, but by golly I know enough to help a newbie out whos just poked their head into the world of game development. You have truly exhausted my emotions. This is why I don't post on forums. I only spend time here trying to defend myself from trolls who have no bearing on my existence. I am done here. Have a nice life.
  2. Simon Crawford

    Seeking young apprentice

    I'm defending myself! You're making me look like a fake! I am not! Call me on discord right now and I'll paint it out for you the way it really is! I am of good will and trying to form mutually beneficial collaboration here and you're defaming me by trying to make me look contradictive! I am offended! I apologize for calling you names. I shouldn't do that! But I am angry! You could have sent me all that in a DM and actually talked it out with me instead of jumping to conclusions!
  3. Simon Crawford

    Seeking young apprentice

    I will quote myself since you can't read. I said "Help me with my work." In return I can teach using music tools and also programming patterns in games. Never did I say "Do my work for me." You're the type of person who is toxic. You don't care about being involved, you just play witchhunter on the forums. Disgraceful in my opinion. For the record, in a months time, I have been through a ton of material and made alot of progress. I would like to pass it down. But you wouldnt know anything about good will. Cause you're a toxic individual. Code is easy, but people like you are truly my greatest obstacle. It's alright. There always has to be somebody out there dreaming up his own demons. You don't know anything about me, punk. Go mod 4chan or reddit. Youd fit right in.
  4. Simon Crawford

    Seeking young apprentice

    @fleabay I sense a bit of mockery in your approach. You should not underestimate the power of hard work. Also, I have other skills and experience in game development other than coding the console with c++. It's fun to play witchhunter, but you'll find no hypocrisy here. Only honesty and hardwork. Also, you should read closer. I clearly stated I am "Not looking for someone to do my work for me." As correctly quoted from my post which you feel compelled to show to the world. You would do well as a journalist.
  5. Simon Crawford

    Seeking young apprentice

    Yes, it sounds a bit like the sith from star wars. I'm looking for someone new to game development who thinks they have a passion for it. I would prefer if you help me with my work, but I would not be opposed to teaching you the ways of game development in return. But, as we know in the ways of the sith... the apprentice will destroy his master. (Message me through gamedev.net or add me on discord 'wize1 @8135')
  6. Simon Crawford

    Am I good enough for hobby projects?

    You are as good as the amount of work and training you put in.
  7. @Youngjin Certainly! I am making a text-based RPG game in the windows console. I am doing it to improve my programming skills and also bring to life some of my ideas about making a fun RPG game. I will try to give as much detail as possible. The game will be a linear story, but the player will also have some free choice. For example, the player will have a map and be able to select different locations to travel to. The player will also fight battles with monsters. In the battle, you will have options to choose from like special skills or using magic abilities. Or, even items from the players inventory. There will be a few times which the game will utilize randomization. For example, if you are exploring, there will be percentage-based encounters which can occur like finding loot or running into a monster. Honestly, if you just imagine a Final Fantasy game, that's what I'm trying to create.
  8. Hello, and thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am not here asking for someone to do my work for me. I am just looking for a mentor who would not mind answering a few of my questions, and give me a little guidance. I prefer chatting on discord, so if you are interested in helping me get started, please add me. My username is wize1 @8135
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