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  1. So, i finally made a decision. I will use Godot and learn GDscript, the programing language of Godot, similiar to python. From what i've seen so far, creating 2d games in Godot has better tools (less time needed for the same outcome) than Unity, the user interface is well arranged, and i like it how the projects can be organized. A big THANK YOU to all who gave me advice, even though i didn't chose anything that was suggested, it helped me a lot to check out the right game engines and make a decision.
  2. Thank you all for the replies. I wanted to wait a little before i reply, because i wanted to check out some of the stuff you suggested. I think Phaser or Unity would be a good way to chose for myself, but from what i have seen so far (i watched some tutorials and read in other forums about pros and cons), i slightly tend to Unity. I also stumbled over Godot, which is open source, has a MIT license and is set up especially for creating 2d games. The drawback is, there aren't that many tutorials and premade framesets available as e.g. for Unity and it uses it's own language (which is said, is relatively easy to learn). Maybe someone of you worked with Godot before and has some thoughts on that engine? @ Ianuarius, thank you for the links, i have a better idea now what C# can do now, but it's hard for me to imagine how exactly it is used to solve specific issues in my game. But that i will found out if i should start to learn C#. Sadly i wasn't able to open the pdf, since a facebook account is needed and i quitted social media (and Red Bull^^) years ago.
  3. Hi, I want to learn to program games for PC and maybe Android. Sorry in advance if i don't know the correct terms. The game i have in mind will be relative simple (at least that's what i hope). It should be turn based with a map and different locations the player can switch in between. At the different locations there will be simple minigames, sometimes withwith simple animations. There is a storyline, the player sometimes can chose between different outcomes. I would like to include character progression in form of attributes and an inventory and i also would like to include a battle system (turn based). I've seen that there are some flash games out there who have similiar elements as i have planned for my game. The thing is, i don't know anything about flash and read, that it's not worth it to learn it anymore. Since i have some basic skills in html and css, i thought it would be better to give html5 and javascript a try (i have to learn javascript though). But iam not sure if it's really a good choice, since all html5 games i've seen so far are either actionshooters and/or have a really crappy graphics compared to flash games. In addition to that, i have no clue if the game i want to create is possible with either flash or html5/javascript. Another issue is, that flash needs adope flash and that's about 900 $ a year, money i don't have at the moment. It's a while ago, since i have made something with html and css, but i remember that there where a lot of problems with compatibility and the different browsers. I assume the same problems still exist and are true for games too? I would be really happy if someone could enlighten me, what would be the best possibilities for me to get in the gaming buisiness. What would be the best way, and what do i have to learn?
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