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  1. Rewrote the entire post as I feel like it didn't capture our project and team well in the first place, as well as make clear the level and scope we're operating on. Hopefully this should clear some things up.
  2. @Vilem Otte Ahh, I see the invite link now. Was only showing the link to the channel directly when I checked yesterday for some reason (unless it was there in the first place and I'm just blind). Can confirm, OP: haven't spent a lot of time in the GDNet server yet, but this looks like a great server for gamedev. Seems to be a pretty nice, relatively closeknit and active community there, with a few channels for gamedev specifically (programming, graphicsdev, creative, business). Would definitely recommend joining it. It is indeed
  3. Not sure if you'll find any server that's specifically for minors, but just to add to the list of Discord servers for game dev in general, the /r/gamedev subreddit has a pretty great Discord server with channels for pretty much everything: https://discord.gg/reddit-gamedev Also: is it just me, or is the Discord link on the page for the GDNet server broken? It just redirects me to my Home page.
  4. Lucental

    Video game soundtrack

    Absolutely build up a portfolio on an easily accessible platform (SoundCloud, YouTube, whatever) before you do anything else. You can have all of the marketing/branding in the world while no one wants to hire you because you don't have a portfolio they can go off of. As Ptietz said above, it's very unlikely you'll be able to use your pre-existing music for an actual game soundtrack, as for a good soundtrack to pop it needs to fit directly and specifically with the theme of the game - so unless you get insanely lucky, I'd view your current work as practice rather than actual usable work for a game soundtrack. There's multiple places you can find projects to join, whether you're looking to get paid directly for your work, you're looking for a rev-share deal, or just a small hobbyist project to join. This very forum is a great way to do just that, in addition to other platforms like Reddit and Nubbl. If you perhaps want to enter the industry in a more professional and higher-level fashion, making connections with people in the industry is super important (and that goes for anything in the games industry, not just composing soundtracks), although of course you'd have to work your way up if that was your goal - you're not going to be making connections with AA/AAA studios right out of the gate.
  5. Hey everyone! I'm the developer and technical lead in a small game development team working on a turn-based JRPG project, and we're looking for a couple more 2D artists to join us! We're primarily a group of passionate hobbyists working on the project during our off-time, and while we're planning on releasing the finished product commercially and making it as much of a success as possible, above all we're trying to have fun making the game and seeing it progress! The style of art we're targeting is fairly par for the course when it comes to JRPGs, with some minor twists: we need 2D hand-drawn sprites in a couple different styles for the overworld and in combat, and of course, anime-style portraits for dialogue. I'm keeping it fairly vague here so this post doesn't turn into a giant essay - more detail can absolutely be provided! Although this is a fairly fresh project, we do already have a solid amount of work done! We've outlined stuff like plot synopses, gameplay mechanics, and art styles in a well-organized and detailed 13 page game design document. We've also started writing the script for the game already with over 16 pages complete so far, and I've programmed my own core framework for the game which includes basic combat, inventory, cutscene/dialogue, and movement systems all ready to go. If this all sounds interesting to you, shoot me a PM and we can talk about it further! Since this is just a side project for all of us you're not expected to dedicate multiple hours a day to it - as long as you can work on it during some of your free time at a rate that doesn't cause the project to take five years to complete or whatever, we'd love to work with you. For reference, most of the team is able to put in around 10-20 hours a week, but even if you'd only be able to do less that's still fine! Also, we all work in a private Discord server, so make an account on there if you haven't already Thanks!
  6. Lucental

    Facets (working title)

    Album for Facets (working title)
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