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  1. Karzan

    Am I biting too much?

    No, depends on which position of the data structure they are in, they may be in diferent positions as they are removed and added during the battle.
  2. Karzan

    Am I biting too much?

    Thank you for the response Eck. I understand what you mean about the mechanics. But the game of solitaire would actually be more complex than what I am trying to achive. Cards are not shuffled. (All cards are present at the start) Cards only have 1 face. (Its a 2d game with no hidden information) The player doesnt drag the cards. (They would all be in 2 tidy lists at the bottom) Not to mention the checking of if I can place a card on a pile or not. I may take up the solitaire though, just for practice.
  3. Personally I would throw and exception in this situation. I like knowing why something failed. StreamReader in C# has multiple reasons for a read faliure. OutOfMemoryException DirectoryNotFoundException DriveNotFoundException EndOfStreamException FileLoadException FileNotFoundException PathTooLongException PipeException While some are interchangable and some could be handled by your wrapper, some can and should be shown to the user. In general I try to let the user know why my process failed and I assume you would want to know if you were using someone else's code. Also I am somehow confused what you mean by failing gracefully, both your options consist in a graceful falure, a non graceful falling would mean your program just breaks. A graceful falure also usually contains an exception or a descriptive log stating the reason for the falure, not a "null" return. Which I don't see how it could be helpful at all, it would require you to call the "FileExists" function and verify that "LoadFile" doesn't return null. The fact that the file exists in no way gives me the guarantee that the reading of the file reading was successful.
  4. Karzan

    Am I biting too much?

    Thank you to both of you. I was planning on starting development with the battling aspect to begin with. I took the top down aproach to preseting the idea though, and I didn't flesh out the top levels too much so thats why they seem less concrete, I recently made some changes to all parts. I don't think making a game such as Solitare would help me much in this situation, honestly I dont even think any of the rules apply to the problem at hand but thank you for the sugestion. One thing I didn't properly explain in the original post though is: I am confident with my technical skills, in fact the reason I am not developing this right now is that I have to put the finishing touches or my master's thesis in software engineering. My main issue refers to the Scope, what I should prioritise in this kind of project and what I should maybe scrap so I don't, as usual, lose intrest half way though I put it on the "Hiatus forever" pile of projects. So far I belive the "focus on the battle system first" is the way to go, which leads me to belive I was on the right track. I thank you all for your sugestions and hope I can make this happen.
  5. I have been atempting to finish a game for years now. I never do. I always bite way too much and it ends up bittng me back and I end up quitting. To avoid this for my newest project I decided to keep it to the bare minimum I wanted. It would be a mostly 2D game made in Unity, would be using 3d for a few minor things. The game has 3 sections, battle, encounter and travel. The player has a deck, a level which theyraises by winning encounters and money to buy things, they also have reputation with various factions that may apear in events, which he gains or loses acording to their actions. Travel The player has to travel across the world for their great goal. The map would use a node system where unlocking a location reveals the path to new locations. When players reach a location they trigger an ecounter from a random pool of events. Players can return to locations. Players can move any amount of locations they want provided the location is unlocked or joined to an unlocked location. Traveling may trigger an encounter along the location path. Special locations exist that advance the story forward ( 12 diferent locations, the player must visit 3 of 10 then one of the other two will open and all others will lock.) Defeating the special location boss will grant you a pick of 2 of their cards. Enconter When the player travels things happen A Store may give you new cards for your deck that you can purchase, thieves may want to steal your thigns, etc. When an encounter happens you are faced with multiple choices to resolve it, some may depend on your stats. Encounters have results you save someone, you kill someone, you start a fight, burn a vilage down, etc. This will cause your reputation to change and rewards to be atributed acordingly. Battle When the player encounters an enemy and a fight begins the battle would work as a mix of BattleCon and Slay the Spire. You know what your enemy will use and its initiative value. You have to pick 2 cards, a Style and an Action. This would give you a certain amount of Initiative, Attack and Block as well as possible effects. Card power has dependencies on your personal stats. The chosen cards get sent to a discard pile for 2 turns, unless they posess the exaust tag, which would destroy them for the rest of the fight. Battle ends when one of the HPs reaches 0. In broad strokes this is what I was planning. What is your opinion? Am I biting too much with this one?
  6. Karzan

    tilting screen in unity

    Hello Kamal, I dont know much about developing for Android with unity but I have some experience with native Android development. What you want is to utilize the Accelerometer of the device, a quick search lead me to this video which should help you. It is quite simple. https://unity3d.com/pt/learn/tutorials/topics/mobile-touch/accelerometer-input
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