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  1. Kamal Wafi

    i need help in unity

    Oh i think i get what you mean
  2. Kamal Wafi

    i need help in unity

    Yes yes , complety true , im using x for moving and y for jump , and im using so simple code ,so can you please explain more with example or links can help me to do that ?
  3. Kamal Wafi

    i need help in unity

    freeze rotation but this will stop the rotation complety , i want it to rotate when it touch something . (by the way i want the ball to Rotate around it self but without Cartesian coordinate (vector y stay looking up , x on right ...) )
  4. Kamal Wafi

    i need help in unity

    hey guys , i already start learning unity , and im working in my first game , i found a problem which stop me . i want to keep the Cartesian coordinate without moving like this https://imgur.com/a/XCSMtc0 and not when the ball move it become https://imgur.com/a/bMORNPw so then when i add force to vector y i will find no problem but when the vector move and start looking not up , then the ball it goes to a place which i dont want (left or right)
  5. Kamal Wafi

    tilting screen in unity

    Hi there, i recently start learning unity and im working in my first game , I was wondering if unity had functions to support the motion control effect (tilting screen to move character) you see in doodle jump (which is 2d game) ? If it exists, what are they called? and how it works ? Thanks
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