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  1. FedGuard

    noob questions

    Thanks for those ideas and feedback!
  2. FedGuard

    noob questions

    Thank you for the replies. I apologize, I indeed did not provide very detailed information. It will be a choice-based ancient Rome style RPG (Witcher-style) with some altered mechanics in which you follow one character from adolescence to death. I have made some simple games through the courses and are continuing that journey. I was thinking (based on advise I read elsewhere) that I would indeed start on getting all player-related mechanics done first, before starting on levels, sound etc. So I thought it would be necessary to have a character or placeholder that can effectively do all/most of the actions the main character will do, in order to effectively test/adapt them. Then I could start building from there, like inventory mechanics, diary, stats and attributes etc. To that regard I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to purchase the two abovementioned asset packs since it would help me relate the mechanics to the code and to start off with a playable placeholder that can do most of the actions required. But if I understand it correctly, you are advising me not to invest in that at this time?
  3. FedGuard

    noob questions

    Hi Rutin, Thank you for your advice, I am still adding to my GDD (although I didn't call it that I did have a document already, albeit not that detailed) on a daily basis. As I understood it you need to work on the basic player mechanics first. And to do this you need the basic functions and linked animations. Or am I wrong? I do understand that a free character can be used in the early stages, but those won't do all the things I need my character to do. Or am I wrong?
  4. FedGuard

    noob questions

    Hello all, I would like to start off with thanking you all for this community. Without fora like these to assist people the already hard journey to making an own game would be exponentially more difficult. Next I would like to apologize for the long post, in advance... I am contemplating making a game. There, now that's out of the way, maybe some further details might be handy. I am not some youngster (no offence) with dreams of breaking into the industry, I am 38, have a full-time job, a wife, kid and dog so I think I am not even considered indie? However I recently found myself with additional time on my hands and decided I would try my hand at making a game.Why? Well mostly because I would like to contribute something, also because I think I have a project worth making (and of course some extra income wouldn't hurt either to be honest). The first thing I realized was, I have absolutely no relevant skill or experience. Hmm; ok, never mind, we can overcome that, right? I have spent a few months "researching",meaning looking at YouTube channels, reading articles and fora. Needless to say, I am more confused now than when I started. I also bought some courses (Blender, Unity, C#) and set out to make my ideas more concrete. I quickly discovered, I am definitely not an artist... So I decided, though I do plan to continue learning the art side eventually, I would focus on the design and development phase first. The idea being, if it takes me a year or more solely learning stuff and taking courses without actually working on my game, I would become demoralized and the risk of quitting would increase. So I thought I would: 1: Keep following the courses Unity and C# while starting on the actual game development as the courses and my knowledge progress. 2: Acquire some artwork to help me get a connection with the game and main character, and have something to helm keep me motivated. (I already did some contacting and realized this will not be cheap...). Also try to have the main character model so I can use it to start testing the initial character and game mechanics. For this I have my first concrete question. I already learned that outsourcing this will easily run up in the high hundreds or thousands of dollars... (lowest offer so far being 220 USD) I am therefore playing with the idea of purchasing https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/animations/medieval-animations-mega-pack-12141 with the intention of then have an artist alter and/or add to the animations (it is for a Roman character so some shield animations are not going to work the same way.). This way I could start with the basic character mechanics. Is this a good idea, waste of money,...? Any suggestions? I then have a related but separate question. Is it a good idea to buy Playmaker (or some other similar software I haven't yet heard of like RPGAIO), and using this for initial build, then changing/adding code as the need arises? 3.Get a playable initial level ready as a rough demo and then starting to look for artist for level design and character/prop creation. ... I would really appreciate some input from more experienced people, and especially answers to my questions. Of course any advice is extremely welcome.
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