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  1. Hello guys. I'm not a native English speaker but I need to do a voice acting and I have no idea how my accent might looks like! So I record a few short dialogues for you to help me find out how it might looks like from a native English speaker perspective. It's hard for my vocal cords to pronounce English words.
  2. I'm working on something interesting that will show how it works in practice. It will also be funny for those who have played TWD.
  3. Thanks GoliathForge. Please also listen to the bottom sample too. Is this any better than previous samples? https://instaud.io/2IPr/delete/1912d796a03b6491ed5f70f0174e49f20f9a8f6e 
  4. Thanks a lot nsmadsen, I recorded another sample I'll try the points you mentioned. But first I have two problems. First my real voice is awful so I change my voice and that reduce quality. Second I never spoke English with anybody! so I don't even know how to speak correctly. This sample is better. https://instaud.io/2IPr/delete/1912d796a03b6491ed5f70f0174e49f20f9a8f6e I can't even speak English correctly 😀 I can change my voice with software like audition but don't have Inherent talent as a voice actor. Never, I'm not going to work as a professional voice actor cause I'm too bad at this. I need this voice for my own game. I will try. Thank you.
  5. I think this is better than previous one! still I feel it's dump, Is there any cheap voice actor for indie games? https://instaud.io/2IMx/delete/fe80c6497a93216e282d4a317a1134da193cd371
  6. Thanks for reply. Yes, sorry that was a mistake. Also I'm using MXL 990 it's a good microphone, I'll try to fix effects that made the sound looks low quality.
  7. Hello guys, I recorded my voice and changed it with Audition. But I can't decide should I use my voice in my game or I need better voice actor? New sample. https://instaud.io/2IPr/delete/1912d796a03b6491ed5f70f0174e49f20f9a8f6e  Old sample. https://instaud.io/2IHn/delete/0449366529048c5701b32474da08f1d98b68e51e Is there any hope?
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