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  1. dalofs

    Games and blockchain.

    Sorry for the shilling, it was enthusiasm, tried ether and bitcoin. Ether was soooo slow, everybody tells me Ether, but I think they all did not actually use it themselves, only hearsay... Bitcoin was to limited in capabilities and to slow and expensive. Somebody told me about Syscoin (actually an old project from 2014), and shilling or not it just really actually worked and was fast and cheap and easy. Don't know about Neo, could be cool as well. Will take a look, could not find a lot of resources on gaming and blockchains. Ethereum and Bitcoin are a hassle, need lot's of diskspace and are painfull slow. Impossible to contact the devs on slack for ethereum and bitcoin. Just try a local ethereum/ bitcoin /syscoin (I tried the blockmarket one) wallet and you will understand what I mean (bitcoin and ethereum took a week to sync..) . Don't want you to "invest" in any of them, just try doing something with them. And I don't care about all these different blockchains at all. Just want one that is operational and works. Thanks for your reply, highly experimental all those blockchains, nice to see more people looked into this. Are there special gaming/blockchain forums you know of?
  2. I was wondering if people here are already using blockchain for storing in game items and points, etc. I was playing around with the syscoin blockchain. It let's me make my own tokens very easily, I can also make my own blockchain marketplace, the speed of transfering these tokens is awesome. I was wondering if there are people with experience in using a blockchain as central storage? More info about blockchain API's : https://syscoin.network/syslinks/ (check the API & Development resources) . It seems to me this could also be used for registering software (for people that buy a paid license). Is there already a place in the forums for this (I could not find it). What are you guys doing with blockchain? Happy programming.
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