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  1. Nilmani Gautam

    Cube Race : Unity 3D

  2. In this video we will add rigidbody and collider to our player.
  3. In this video we will learn to select the object an perform action to the object
  4. Nilmani Gautam

    Unity 3D : Cube Race

    Welcome every one from this section we are going to develop a new 3D game Cube Race
  5. In this video we will learn to control the 3d interface of blender
  6. Welcome everyone, this is the last video on section and end of our Terminal Hacker game. In this video we will learn to create random number. And from our next section we will create 3d game We will create CUBE RACE for our lesson.
  7. Nilmani Gautam

    Blender : Intro to layout

    In this video we will learn to change the blender layout
  8. Nilmani Gautam

    Unity3D : Array

  9. Hello and welcome everyone. I am starting another complete new Tutorial on 3d modelling and animation on blender Please comment what types of chapter could i include to make it complete from very beginning to exper
  10. Nilmani Gautam

    Unity3D : Refactoring the code

    In this video we will learn to create new method form the existing method If you want to learn to develop game using Unity 3D from beginning to expert then join the course on YouTube
  11. Nilmani Gautam

    Unity3D: Enumeration

    hello everyone, in this video we are going to learn enumeration, and we will also save the game state in the enumeration.
  12. In this Video we will create a StartGame method and simplify our code
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