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  1. Hey everyone! My name is Ryan and I am the founder of Visualistic Studios, LLC. I'm looking for experienced developers interested in short term and long term contracting. For the past 3 years I've been working in game development contracting, and the past year I've been working full time from home. Since then, I've received more and more contracts and I'm now at the point that I have too many for myself to handle. I have at least another full time job's worth of programming offers, and around 30-80 hours a month for 3D modeling/animation. I also am in need of a UI artist, so if you're talented please contact me! I have contracts using Unity as well as Unreal Engine 4, so if you can program in either please contact me. If you are interested in working on these contracts, please send me links to your work and you hourly rate. (Most contracts range be between 18-25$/h, but please provide your normal hourly rate) You can get ahold of me through email - "ryan.hobbs@visualisticstudios.com", or Discord "TSpartanT#4670" Thank you everyone for reading, hope to hear from you soon!
  2. tspartant

    UE4 Widgets Perfomance

    If you want to use the UI again, you should use "Set widget visibility" and keep a reference to it somewhere (like the playercontroller). It's better for scalability.
  3. This scene you described alone would take 2-3 years to make with a team of 5+. Check out this guys channel, keep trying to find a team, but get a team together first and then set your expectations based on your groups abilities. I started out 5 years ago on this website myself, and the person I met is still around making games with me!
  4. Hello everyone, first off, thank you for reading! About us Visualistic Studios was founded in 2013. Our focus is creating psychological horror games that pull you into the experience and disturb you. Our released game, Mist of the Dark, is a horror FPS that focuses on player tactics and intense encounters between players to create a dynamic horror experience. Our current team includes: Ryan (Myself) - ~5 years experience in UE4 (including beta), LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/hobbsryan/ Thomas - Freelance Contractor 3 years UE4, 3 years working on Mist of the Dark. Seth - 1 year level design experience. Joshua - 3 years marketing experience. Zach - 3 years Marketing experience. Our game, "Mist of the Dark" Mist of the Dark, is currently out on Steam Early Access. It's a free-to-play horror FPS that focuses on creating the need for tactics and intense player interactions. We aim to create immersive and terrifying environments for players to scare and be scared. We started the project in March 2013, put it on hold in August of 2015, and revived the project in March of 2018 after gaining more experience in the field. We released our game with the intention of getting player feedback and bug-testing. Our reviews are mixed right now, but this is mainly due to player inactivity. We've been working on a solution to fix that, which is to integrate an AI and Matchmaking system so that players can automatically create or join a server and fill it with bots until players join. After this is done, we're going to be focusing on enhancing playability by introducing a new game mode: "Horde". This will be a survival defense scenario in which players will gather resources and defend themselves from endless hordes.  In the future, we look to adding features like a customizable Weapon System, new game-modes, new maps, tournament hosting, and more. Once our play-ability has reached an acceptable level, we're going to start offering items to players on a store. Store Items: Monsters Monster Skins Gun Skins Soldier Skins Monster Ability Particles Masks Tracers These are not the only items we will put in the store, but we want them to remain cosmetic as to not split our player-base. Our current installs are ~30,000, we've been on Steam for 3 months. What we're looking for Blueprint Programmer: Experience with Unreal Engine's Blueprint Scripting system. Including=; AI, Character Mechanics, Networking, Weapon System, and more. We will be working together on these projects, so if you get stumped we can help! Level Designer: Experience with Unreal Engine's level editor. Ability to design and create intuitive and engaging multiplayer FPS levels with pre-built mesh assets. UI Artist: Graphic Artist with experience creating game HUD UI and menu UI's. Looking for a clean and dark style. What we can offer Paid contract jobs - We just started a game development firm to help other developers get their projects finished and to release! We get offers from different companies with various tasks, and could offer these jobs to you based on what you're interested in. 10% gross royalties - You will receive 10% of gross royalties, with a cap. The cap is determined by the amount of work you've done based on milestones, plus 10% since you're working for future pay. Experience - Mist of the Dark is a released game on Steam, which looks great on a resume! We can also provide references when you've completed some work. Teaching - Thomas and myself are both very experienced in Unreal Engine and many other programs, and are very willing to help when you find yourself stumped. In Summary I hope that you have a good idea of what our game is, and if you have any questions at all feel free to email me at "ryan.hobbs@visualisticstudios.com", or get in contact with me on Discord "TSpartanT#4670" Thank you for your time!
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