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  1. k0fe

    Hidden island

    Yesterday I watched Tomb Raider (2018) and it was ok. Just ok. But I thought that’s the idea about an island which is hidden is so cool that I decided to make one in my game. So I had to make an island which is not shown on the map and also is hard to see from the main land. There are a few tricks like making a lot of small empty islands, so the hidden one will be masked behind ‘em. Or maybe some kind of fog of war. In the DS Zelda (sadly, I don’t remember the exac game name but there was a ship as a main feature) there was a puzzle with moving to the next area where you should find a map with a correct route (also you can simply follow it if u know it) or you’ll always get into storm and the ship will be moved back. I think I should a make a quest where so-called quest giver is a book chapters (example Skyrim I guess). Player must firstly find out about an island in the book, so he can talk to some NPCs about it and found a sailor who can take him right to the island and so on. This should be a fun side quest.
  2. k0fe

    Quest a day challenge

    The first week of October is over. I was writing quests and NPCs. The main goal was to write at least one quest a day. And this is really interesting and fun! My total result for this week is 15 quests and 20 NPCs. There is a lot of work on polishing ‘em all but at least I captured the main idea on every quest and NPC. Today I skipped and did nothing but analyze the whole result. Tried to make a document where I can store quest data (conditions, dialogues, rewards, stages and thoughts). Now I’m planning on prototyping quests via Creation Kit (Skyrim). But still there are relatively negative moments. I’m not satisfied because there is no real motivation for a player to complete those quests (as I think) and quests a simple as hell. They are more MMO like actually. Yes, they are not about killing n amount of slimes but still they don’t force player to use game features. Like why should anyone get fun from a quest that is fully independent from the game? Or maybe good narrative is enough for an engaging & fun adventure? This made me think about the main game mechanics. Those that player will use real often regardless of the playstyle. Of course I should start from movement as my game features an extended movement system which includes crawling and climbing mechanics. Example: Assassins Creed where player MUST use those mechs, so he can climb up to a viewpoint and open quests markings on a map and he MAY use them to avoid enemy NPCs in a different type of situations. This mechanics was used in solving puzzles and getting to a right place quests. Well, will see how all of this thoughts, quests and NPCs will evolve a week after 😛
  3. k0fe

    TextMonth = true;

    September is dead. Love the way it sounds, so I’m gonna make a boss named September. October must fill the gaps in the game plot or at least make a game world more believable. I’m gonna go hard as a writer and go through the ‘Quest a day challenge’. I also will be working on a game world background. I already see how I’m ruining everything by doing nothing. This is terrible. Like you standing in front of a huge grizzly or something. Nightmare I’ll be living in. Ok, I’ll just stick to the plan and do my best.
  4. k0fe

    Metal Gear Solid 2 Grand Game Plan

    Excellent! This is a great example of a pre production GD’s vision. There are many game elements summarized in a compact way. From plot and game mechanics to thoughts on design, development plan. Oh, also this document helps understand MGS better :j
  5. k0fe

    Development Stages

    As you can see on the image below I’ve planned the whole development process. Sure, everything won’t go as planned but at least I know where I’m heading to. This helps me stay motivated and be more specific while working on the game itself. Right now I’m at the very first stage - design stage. Almost a year behind!
  6. k0fe

    Researching and balancing

    This week I’m working on researching. It’s a fun process which helps me better understand my own game vision. What’s wrong with my design, what should I change, add or cut. I finally moved from paperwork to Excel. Though I still use pencil and paper while making quick design decisions. Well, that’s really helps me and there’s nothing better that old (but gold) method. It’s been a year since I started designing GODCOMPLEX. Last month I’ve been hardly working on system design and still I have no content design. Like really, no script, no NPCs, no locations, nothing! I hope to change it and go hard on content design in next month. So this week is: research, feature balance Next week is: - narrative design - world design p.s. I love design. Design is everywhere. p.p.s. Sadly I can’t post screenshot, so I make pics on my iPhone. That’s so silly tho I can’t do anything yet.
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