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  1. CatCrate

    2D Game Programmer Required

    Thanks, Rutin!
  2. CatCrate

    2D Game Programmer Required

    Thank you for the praises! I understood your advices and doubts and appreciate your initiative. About the game mechanic: it's a real-time strategy, very similar to age of empires. It's easier to point the differences, whereas I was really inspired by AoE. All you have to do is set your opponents, type of match (goal) and other details. So you collect 4 resources to achieve your goals, with any strategy you think. There are 4 distinct civilizations, several unities, buildings and reasearches (this is the part I get far of AoE). I want a single and a multiplayer mode for the game. About the site blogs: Thank you for recommend it! I surely will make a post on there! About why my idea is solid: Games like AoE match perfectly with this kind of graphic and interface. Actually, it's even better than a 3D graphic hahaha. My ideas for unities, resources and researches is totally different than AoE. I added some magic, I solved some AoE gameplay problems, I added a elemental relic collect system that offers different bonus to the players... and there are new possibilities we can construct together to make it even better. Again, thank you very much! Thank you, Iltis! I suggest you to read my previous answer to GoliathForge. I described other details about the game proposal. I surely will make a GDD! It's a good suggestion to atract programmers. To be honest, I thought that comparing my idea with Age of Empires mechanics would be enough hahahah! I can make the art and sound design by myself, but the programming part I am not sure if one guy on charge is enough. PC, Linus and Mac are the ideal devices.
  3. CatCrate

    2D Game Programmer Required

    No language! It's up to the required programmer. All I've done until now is the art. A lot of art. Are you interested in the project?
  4. CatCrate

    2D Game Programmer Required

    Hi Phil! Actually on coding and programming part! Art and music is my job.
  5. Hello, everybody! I need a good programmer to join my dev team. I'm sure my idea will at least win your attention. I am a pixel artist and music composer, and I have to confess: I love Age of Empires (who doesn't?). So I thought: "Why don't I make a game in AoE style, but with fancy pixel art and my own gameplay ideias?". That's how Land Crisis emerged on my mind. I started registering all my ideas on a excel sheet. After it, I started making the pixel art concept. Currently I've done almost all the art. Now I'm composing the game soundtrack. But I have a big problem, and there's where you guys help me! I have almost zero experience with programming or game engines (I'm a creative mind, not too logical :p). If you are interested or have any doubt, you can answer me on the topic or add me on Discord. My ID is Gabriel Nogueira #2717. Here it goes some game arts: https://imgur.com/a/FwchTKp
  6. CatCrate

    I have a noob question

    Thanks, Rutin!
  7. Which is the appropriate subforum for announcing a vacancy for programmer on my game project? Thanks a lot!
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