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  1. Aaron Brown

    Level Designer required

    Hmm, ok I am interested I can just rewatch some of our lectures and brush up on the level drawing and I would just need a small description of how you want the levels to look and what you would like to have happen or hidden in said levels and I could draw them up for you. I could make one for you to just give you a sense of my skills before you make a final decision.
  2. Aaron Brown

    Level Designer required

    Hello, My name is Aaron and I am currently in a Bachelor's of Game Design through Full Sail University and I am about half way through the entire course. I would like to be given the chance to help with the level design of your game, I do not have much as far as a portfolio but what I do have is a fully playable game of Pong and the level I had created when learning about Unity, if you check out my profile you can see the screen shots of what I created. I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to learn more skills plus be able to have the experience of working on an actual game and be able to use that in my future portfolio projects. I do have one question what game engine are you running as I am using Unity and soon will be using Unreal and if you are using a different engine I would be more than happy to get ahold of it and begin working. Thank you!
  3. Aaron Brown

    Second Time with Unity

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