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  1. Septopus

    Dynamic Asset Progress

    Awesome man!! Nice progress!
  2. Septopus

    Speed Creation - Robot

    Haha!! Nice! That's a creepy bot! I won't ask about it's primary directives...
  3. Septopus

    F is for February..

    Bad weather, multi-day power outages, a fun chest cold, and several other excuses led to my recent absence/lack of progress.. Working on getting back into the sling of things. I think I needed a hiatus though, it had actually been months since I watched a movie or tv show. I can't say that anymore.. lol. I think I watched at least 50 hours worth. And then there's youtube... haha So, where are we at? I'm presently/still working out the final settings on my first iteration of in-game music code. @Jacky Chan has given me some very nice music to work with and I'm trying to make the sound-track a bit dynamic so it's taking some tuning. For some reason I got a bit zapped out by this process, perhaps it was just where I was when I needed a break, or that I'm not exceptionally interested in writing code to play music, or all the extended play-testing required for checking music transitions.. Either way, this is where we are. In addition to some code work that still needs to be done, I'm still lacking a UI component for music/soundfx controls and the play-testing that will require. Then I'll make a demo for my music guy to check out, then if he likes it, I'll be posting it up in the usual place. So, here's to motivation! Wish me luck. hahaha!
  4. Septopus

    Sling Bot Boarding

    Play the latest build here: https://www.kongregate.com/games/WilliamOlyOlson/slingbot-boarding This started as a personal challenge to myself to build a complete game in 25 days. That worked out so well, it's still not done! haha! It's a game about robots, snowboarding on rocket powered snowboards, and it's a work in progress. Currently Features: Racing in player generated courses against computer controlled robots.* Freestyle mode where you can explore the park without restriction, there are also some hoops you can jump through to earn rings(in-game currency).* Rabbit chase mode, where you can earn rings for close-following another robot on a random course throughout the park.* * - this feature may not yet be entirely complete.
  5. Septopus

    Unity Problems

    What is the purpose of your "path-tracing" variation here, in this scenario? Can you provide an example of the effect you are trying to achieve? And the 300 different raycasts? Is 300 significant or just a test number? So, you have the script on an empty object. And a box with a light INSIDE it. This box is your "scene" then? And the empty object is inside this box? Do you have Project Settings > Physics > Queries Hit Backfaces checked? Or are the "inside" faces already the "front" faces of this box? Either way, a little more description of what you are actually trying to achieve and how you are going about it might help.. i.e. What are these "hit point" objects you describe(are they objects?), and what exactly are they supposed to stick to? Some comments in the code would be extremely helpful too.
  6. Septopus

    Unity Problems

    void Update () { m_Clear_Buff.CopyTo(m_Color_Buff, 0); m_main_Cam.enabled = false; m_Trace_Cam.enabled = true; System.Random r = new System.Random(98); for (int i = 0; i < 300; i++) { Vector3 dir = new Vector3((float)r.Next(360) /360f-.5f, (float)r.Next(360) / 360f - .5f, (float)r.Next(360) / 360f - .5f); Ray ray = new Ray(new Vector3(0,0,0), dir); RaycastHit rch; if (Physics.Raycast(ray, out rch, 50f)) { Vector3 sp = m_Trace_Cam.WorldToScreenPoint(rch.point); if (sp.x >=0 && sp.x < m_Trace_Cam.pixelRect.width-1 && sp.y >=0 && sp.y < m_Trace_Cam.pixelRect.height-1) { float lv = Mathf.Max(Vector3.Dot(rch.point.normalized, new Vector3(0, 0, 0)), 0); lv *= 10; Material m = rch.collider.gameObject.GetComponent().material; m_Color_Buff[(int)(sp.x + sp.y * m_Trace_Cam.pixelRect.width)] = new Color(m.color.r * lv, m.color.g * lv, m.color.b * lv,1); } } } m_Trace_Cam.enabled = false; m_main_Cam.enabled = true; m_Trace_Tex.SetPixels(m_Color_Buff); m_Trace_Tex.Apply(); } Okay, that's better.. Now, why are you raycasting 300 times in random directions every update? That doesn't really sound anything like what you were wanting to do.. Also, what is this script attached to?
  7. Septopus

    New Screenshots of Nanotale!

    Second that!
  8. I'm still learning blender for game asset creation, and I've been learning blender (and Unity) for game use for several years now.. The only easy assets to create are the ones you pay for. Sometimes the free ones aren't half bad either.. Check out the Unity Asset Store, and do as @RidiculousName suggests, watch several hundred YouTube videos on Unity and Blender. Set aside at least a month for each of these programs, just to learn how to use their interfaces and get accustomed to the terminology. If you are not patient with this process it will only become harder. Then, once you understand the software, you can begin learning how to use it to do the things you imagine, all of them.
  9. Reducing the size of something is called compression. Not encryption. And you still haven't explained why you need the size to be smaller after processing. If all you need is encryption then the size of the encrypted data should not really be that big of a deal. If you only have such a limited amount of space in which to store this data on the server then you should probably look at why that is, and solve that problem first.
  10. Well, it was 16 and 5.. And now 12 and 4.. Why can't you just encrypt the 16 or 12 character Mobo ID into a 12 or 16 character string and use that? It had to be 5 before but now it can be 4, so why not 12 or 16 or 128?
  11. Septopus


    This looks incredible! Nice work!
  12. Septopus

    SlingBots - Major Changes, and Audio Strangeness.

    Thanks @lawnjelly! Yeah, the camera takes a little getting used to. If you are NOT holding right-click then the camera will be facing your velocity direction(constant lerp so it may lag slightly for some things...) If you want the camera to face your "heading" then use right-click. As you have stated, when you are in the loop if you don't complete it in one consistent forward motion, it will get very confusing and almost impossible. It took me LOTS of tries to figure out how to solve the loop...If it continues to present trouble for folks though I may move it to a higher level where players will have more experience with the board/camera controls. One thing I think people don't immediately understand about this game, it's not designed for you to do anything with slow precision, It's designed for high speed activities that have a high failure rate until you find the trick that makes it become easy. I'll be posting more technique spoilers as I go too, so check those out if you get really stuck with something. As well, I'm constantly trying to improve the camera, because I know it's confusing sometimes.. Just don't know what else would make it better.. at the moment. Hmm, new idea.. I could include technique hints in recorded replay form in-game too.. That might really help.
  13. Septopus

    SlingBots - Major Changes, and Audio Strangeness.

    Thanks man! Yeah, the replay feature will be nice once I get it a little more refined. I want it to record and persist those replays to a server, that way the master leader-board(doesn't exist yet), will have replay capabilities too. More stuff I'm waiting on my server for... The dome(s), there are 10 of them currently, and they do absolutely nothing as yet. They are surrounded by 10 turrets and I'm calling them "installations" for now, original I know, haha! What WILL happen: once you destroy all of the outside defenses then the dome will fall down and you will be attacked by another level of defenses, this will probably involve one or more Ice Yettis(almost realized) and a few Machine Gun Bunnies(still entirely fictional).. These "installations" will have a prize within them, probably many, some that are consumable and/or upgradeable/etc.. So you will be encouraged to sack them repeatedly, and possibly in specific sequences and/or there will be better rewards for destroying more without getting an Excessive Damage Reset(which returns you to start position and resets ALL park installations). To keep things interesting, all aspects of their defenses will grow more difficult to defeat as you progress through the Arena Levels(prizes will get better). There will also be player attributes that will increase via these same triggers and others, but those are also still fictional as well. Super Loop Technique Spoiler: Also, if you haven't tried it, flight is pretty much doable. To try it out easily(holding your forward thrust key down constantly), run full speed off the edge of the plateau and then simultaneously apply a frequent tap to your backflip button. I can throw a snowball from midair onto one of the turrets surrounding one of the domes and then land on the dome itself, without touching the ground(it takes almost a full tank of boostfuel though). You can also go airborne from anywhere with a good enough jump to get you high enough to gain flip control. There will be also be achievements and levels that require you to fly vertically, and other tricks, so practice some flying.
  14. But why does it have to be 5 digits? If you just need it to be reasonably safe you could use every other digit(up to 5), then only compare those digits... For that matter you could then take those 5 digits and actually encrypt them if you wanted... But that may still have some false positive matches. Depends on how secure you need it to be.
  15. Septopus

    SlingBots - Major Changes, and Audio Strangeness.

    Awesome, thanks! Yeah, it's way less clumsy with the new camera angles. I'm looking forward to adding a whole lot more actual game content in the next few, now that I've ironed out some of these wrinkles.
  16. Septopus

    DungeonBot3000: Boss Fight Scripting

    haha!! This is awesome!! Nice work!
  17. Okay, it's been a busy couple of weeks, I've been playing with shaders and retouching meshes and all kinds of fun things. Aiming/Shot Camera is now right-click, it orients to your current facing/throwing direction, and changes if you do. I've eliminated the reverse camera angle for now(former right-click), I might move it to another button. I re-used the fixed angle reverse camera code, added an IF that swaps it from a rear facing camera to a front facing camera depending on direction of travel and there you have it, a camera that snaps to an angle of your shot/thrust direction on a mouse-click. It's also excellent for surveying while airborne. I've re-instituted the single mesh collider for the terrain, so no more bumps on seams. I may solve this some day.. not yet.. haha UI clicks should no longer throw snowballs, so reloading fuel during a race is easily done, toggling the mini-map is easily done, and anything else involving the UI. New(old) Toon shaders for almost all of the moving parts. Going for super-simple and performant. I've touched every game object that has a texture at least once or twice in this last week(hopefully.. lol).. I've been trying to optimize and simplify where possible, as well as make sure I'm only using the shaders I intend to. I spent quite a bit of time revisiting lighting and setting up a super simple ultra-low definition baked lighting arrangement. I created a new ground texture, and.. SNOW!! haha, I've added a snow particle effect and hopefully it will play well for you, still tuning it though. This is the third day in a row I've tried to upgrade the WebGL build to the latest version only to be confronted by various bugs and strange issues. Now, most of those were of my own creation, naturally. However I've stumbled on some strange behavior that I thought might be noteworthy for anybody else who is working with Audio in Unity for a WebAssembly (WebGL) build target. Somewhat applicable outside Unity land though.. Somewhere between the last build and this build I updated Unity and it seems they changed the way that their WebAssembly build target interacts with audio files because my clumsy assortment of .mp3s and .wavs and .oggs worked just fine on both FireFox and Chrome previously. After updating to 2018.3, or some assortment of changes I made to the settings(I can't be sure if I updated Unity before the last build or after..), either way, all sorts of errors were cropping up in the web console, and no sound at all.. I finally found the following error and that led me down some more alleys that were mostly unrelated to the Unity incarnation of this problem.. "the buffer passed to decodeaudiodata contains an unknown content type" After some reading I discovered that the new Unity+WebAssembly way of dealing with audio seems to be to just let the browser handle it, and that gets a little more complicated.. Each browser has a dislike of various common formats for one reason or another, so I found what seems to be a least common denominator... At least for FireFox and Chrome.. Long story short, I re-encoded all of my sound effects into 16bit PCM .ogg's.. And now things seem to be sounding appropriately again, at least there are sounds, and no more errors. So, SlingBot Boarding v0.4.2: https://www.kongregate.com/games/WilliamOlyOlson/slingbot-boarding Let me know what needs fixin next!!
  18. Septopus

    Requesting Critique on this Portrait

    I'm having trouble discerning what's going on around the mid-section.. It feels like the transition between chest and abdomen is not quite finished.. Yeah, otherwise I like it! Looks pretty mean.
  19. Septopus

    Shadows & Ocean Sky-box

    Hmm, I guess I didn't realize you could do things like that with UVs.. Does this method/process have a name or are you just talking about using the UV data for a homebrew method?
  20. Septopus

    Shadows & Ocean Sky-box

    Wow! Nice work man! I might suggest adding some color variation/noise to the terrain as well, looks great on the trees. Unless you have texture plans for that down the road. Looking good! Edit: took a closer look, are you already doing that, varying the terrain colors or is that shadows?
  21. Septopus

    Multiplayer network: Using RabbitMQ

    It all depends on the type of game, the update frequency, and the amount of data you are sending. Are you doing authoritative physics for a real-time shared simulation like in a fast FPS game? Then this "might" not work for you. It all depends on how much performance you need, and how much data you are intending to send/receive. There's also TCP vs UDP, RabbitMQ I believe only works over TCP, so you'll be incurring significant extra lag when you lose packets. If your game only needs to communicate simple data bits infrequently (10 updates per second or less), and you can tolerate up to 1second lag times, then you might be fine. Otherwise I would recommend a library that uses UDP or writing the UDP netcode code yourself. Best of luck!
  22. Septopus

    Dynamic Asset Progress

    Ohh!! and a MAZE!! NICE!!
  23. Septopus

    Dynamic Asset Progress

    Very awesome, Congrats!! Why are the "simple" things so complicated sometimes? haha Nice job!
  24. Are you using an engine? Engines like Unity or Unreal have lots of procedural landscape generation tools on their market-places. Some of the nicest ones are under $100US.. Then it's just a matter of inputting the settings and textures/etc.. This kind of task can be greatly simplified by using a modern gaming engine like Unity or Unreal. If you are talking about a full "own code" approach using a custom built terrain engine, then it's likely to very expensive and/or time-consuming.
  25. For real!! I've been dipping my toes into that, but I'm just not ready to spend the time to learn another language at the moment.. haha. Thankfully, I'm not looking for anything fancy and simple non-pbr shaders are on the free-pile everywhere.
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