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    Hello Unity + WebGL + Kongregate, goodbye sanity.

    Hmm, guess I just needed to sleep on it.. First change I made and I'm now saving and loading race courses on Kongregate!! WOOOO!! okay.. now.. Lots of tweaks still need to happen before I give out the link to anybody.. This is going to be awesome!! Their system already has a rating system and social sharing for all of the shared content. Perfect!
  2. So, it's 2am and I'm writing a blog entry. I must be waiting on a Unity WebGL build to complete so I can upload it and THEN check if my Kongregate API code hacks are working yet... Wow, never expected this journey to be like this. I suppose I never do anything the easy way. So now I'm integrating a JavaScript API into my c# Unity game... I'll do a more thorough write up/code share later, this will just be some quick notes.. and something to keep me busy between builds.. Go here first for basic Kongregate API initialization and integration: https://www.kongregate.com/forums/1021798-game-programming-subforum/topics/1673115-guide-kong-api-with-unity-jslib-system The above uses the new(2017.1+) Unity way of including JavaScript (.jslib), so at least you know it's supported, even if there's no documentation on how to use Kongregate with it yet. I'm currently working on adding support for kongregate.sharedContent to my game, may even contribute to/fork the above when I'm ready for that.. This will allow players of SlingBot Boarding to Create and Share their own race courses. With shared leader-boards it will be pretty close to multi-player without all the headache. I may even simply record race data and use that to generate npcs that actually move like players. Alright, last build and hopefully I'll have Race Course Save and Load working on Kongregate... If not, I will sleep anyways, because now it's almost 3am.. haha.. Well.. one more.. Haha.. Still not quite there.. I can save items, I can view saved items, I just can't figure out the callback registration for "loading" the saved file. So the struggle will continue tomorrow.
  3. I don't think so... That being said, I'm not really well versed on anything but day-to-day practical c#.. so, maybe I'm wrong.? In order for this to work it would have to be a HUGE feature of the compiler. The only circumstance that I know of where object names are altered is in the compile stage when Obfuscation is used to hide the names/purposes of the code to make de-compilation harder..
  4. Septopus

    Hello Unity + WebGL + Kongregate, goodbye sanity.

    I'm incredibly surprised so far, after killing the dynamic lighting and reducing the numbers of objects in the scene(trick glitter, excessive numbers of course barriers), which I needed to do for PC anyhow, I'm hitting 30+fps. I have it capped there to save cpu/etc.. so I dunno how fast it will go, but no issues.. It plays at least as well as it does compiled for win32, in a browser tab... haha. Same performance running locally vs. on Kongregate too, fwiw.(not considering load times that is).. Hoping I can figure out the JavaScript API bits I'm struggling with and get it published for y'all to check out sometime tonight. With how well it's performing so far, I'm thinking that instead of releasing several platforms at once, I'm just going to focus on getting WebGL going with the Kongregate API, then I'll be able to focus more on a solid social gaming experience with one platform and see how successful I can make it. Then when I get MY server up and running I can update it with some full client/server goodness that I can make work across all platforms seamlessly.
  5. Septopus

    Inspiration for citybuilder game

    What if you treated the "inside city walls" and "outside city walls" as separate game simulations unless the walls get torn down or damaged. Then you could more or less allow the player to decide which game-play they feel like participating in at the moment. If they want to fight and gather resources then they can go outside the city. Of they want to focus on building, stay inside. Then you could have breaches and wall damage act like natural disasters in SIM games. Forcing the player to respond at random times. Just some ideas.
  6. Septopus

    Inspiration for citybuilder game

    No worries there, sounds like you have a pretty good idea where you want to go with it. I like the idea, sounds like something I would play. Is there something specific you're unsure about how to implement? I would say, just go for it and just start building it according to YOUR vision, everybody has ideas and opinions, but this is YOUR game. If you have trouble implementing or figuring out how to implement some of these ideas/mechanics there are tons of folks here who can help with that.
  7. Septopus

    Inspiration for citybuilder game

    Those are very broad categories, perhaps you can narrow it down to specific things from those categories? You can upload the .png directly to here, or post it somewhere that doesn't require a login. If you are just looking for general feedback, then we'll need to see at least a few pictures and/or you'll have to explain in some greater detail exactly where you are at and what specific things you are wanting feedback on. Without knowing how you "want to approach" these topics, it's hard to give you feedback on them. It also seems like you are having trouble picking a theme/sub-genre for your game. These are basic design decisions and without knowing how you would like to proceed, it's very difficult to give feedback that might be useful. So I would recommend that you decide formally on what you would like the "focus", "setting" and general game-play elements to be, and then you should get much more helpful feedback on those things. These 3 topics pretty much cover the entire design of a game, and without knowing the direction you are trying to take, it's hard to give you input. For example: If you are focusing on city design, in a historic setting, with a bunch of social behaviors as your main game-play elements. The feedback will be entirely different than if you wanted to focus on Combat in a futuristic-post-apocalyptic setting with weapons manufacturing and defense building game-play elements. I see the image now, that looks pretty cool. Looks like a good starting point. Now, what do you really want it to become?
  8. Septopus

    Inspiration for citybuilder game

    So, what's the critical design choice you are trying to make? Also, you're .png link requires a login..
  9. Septopus

    The Superloop!!

    From the album: Sling Bot Boarding

    It's kinda big. 8 sections, approximately 100m diameter. Each of the 8 sections is separated by a gap big enough that you have to jump across it in order to complete the loop. Takes a few tries.
  10. Septopus

    The Superloop!!

    That little spec you can barely see where the grid-lines converge in the foreground.. That's the player.
  11. Septopus

    Sling Bot Boarding

    Album for Sling Bot Boarding
  12. Septopus

    Sling Bot Boarding Day 7, Toy Build 4! :D

    I have a ragdoll setup... I've just not quite figured out where to throw em in... I've been working on the recorded courses and they could totally use it when you get too far off course/etc.. So, as soon as I figure out a reliable/cheap way to determine that. lol! Without giving the player even more finite control over the attitude I'm finding it really hard to draw a line on the "failure" of a trick... The more I think about it, I think I'm mostly going to reserve the ragdoll action for hard collisions... Of which I expect there to be a great many. So, that's what it became.. . It empties out onto a glass plane, 100mX100m, from there.. I'm not sure yet. haha
  13. Septopus


    From the album: Sling Bot Boarding

  14. The console should only scroll when you output a new line character../etc.. at the end of the "buffer"..
  15. Is this what you seek? https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.console.setcursorposition?view=netframework-4.7.2#System_Console_SetCursorPosition_System_Int32_System_Int32_
  16. Septopus

    Begginings of a Game Console OS

    Unfortunately while I do have extensive experience in Linux, none of it extends to GUI related topics. I think Debian defaults to using Gnome for it's "window system" though, so I would consider writing a simple program that acts as the user interface for your gaming system. Just write a regular application that will run on Gnome and will interface with the user for selecting and loading games. Once a user selects the game they want to play, you launch it in a separate process and when that process ends, you either restart the GUI application or it stays in memory and is given back/takes back control somehow. These are just some very very rough ideas of how I might try to proceed. Like I said, my understanding of the X window system(what Gnome and KDE run on top of) isn't even rudimentary these days...
  17. Septopus

    Begginings of a Game Console OS

    I would choose the most supported operating system for the device. "Creating" an operating system is a whole other box of nails. If that's what you really want to do, then I would suggest seeking out a forum and some extensive documentation about operating system design and programming, and then enroll in college to get a few degrees in computer sciences before beginning. It looks like according to the sales page you can choose from: Android 4.4, Ubuntu, Debian, and Raspbian The real question is what environment do your game developers want to work in? These can all be considered Linux operating systems, however there are some significant differences. I suggest you look into what those are and make your decision based on that. Sounds like a fun project. Good luck!
  18. Septopus

    Recorded Course Barriers

    From the album: Sling Bot Boarding

    First good test run of the race course recording feature. This is a replay of the run that was performed to record the positions of the red and green course barriers(that's why it stays in the middle so well).. ;) Once this feature is complete you will be able to create your own race courses, as long or as short as you like.
  19. So, this is happening. So much awesome! You have no idea. Check out the video.. https://www.gamedev.net/gallery/image/10465-tubinmp4/ More to come!!
  20. Septopus

    Crowdsourcing projects.

    Are you asking about crowdsourced funding like via indiegogo or kickstarter? Crowdsourcing is a pretty broad category, there are few types of crowdsourcing you can employ to complete many types of projects. Funding is one, and labor is another.. You can use a crowd funding platform like indiegogo or kickstarter to attempt to fund a project, but it usually has to be something of very general appeal to a very wide audience for it to successfully raise significant funding. Have a look at either of those two sites for examples, they have lots to browse through. This is my experience with crowd funding anyhow. It works, but you have to really target a wide range of people, or a very very very specific group. Also, the project generally has to have immediate appeal and some kind of reward for the demographic you target. Have a look at some of the crowd funding sites and look at things in the video game categories. Best way to familiarize yourself with what can be done, see what is being done. Hope this helps.
  21. Septopus

    Lost all motivation ahhh...

    Lol, how goes it man? Flinging things around yet?
  22. Not much to say about today's build that I didn't post yesterday... or earlier... wait.. what day is it??. haha In fact, there's nothing else to be said... Just play it!! .zip = Win32 (Scanned clean with Kaspersky VirusDesk, see .png for checksums) SBBB4.zip
  23. So, as this first day of raBid development has come to a conclusion, I find I've spent far more of it having fun playing my new mini-game than I did actually feeling like I was making one. And HEY! Check this out, I have a Toy Build for you to play with too...!! (this is just a screen shot of it though, you'll have to find the attached .zip file) Takes a second to get used to the controls, it's a fully physics driven movement system, so keep that in mind. You are moving with Thrust, and there WILL be THRUSTERS!! on these super robot boards! I didn't have time to add the THRUSTERS!! to the toy, sorry for that.. Yes, they will be awesome enough to have two exclamation points, and yes even in the middle of a sentence.. So don't worry about it. Enjoy. Oh yeah, and if you happen to think about it, I would love feedback on EVERYTHING... 32bit Win Build in zip(Scanned with Kaspersky VirusDesk before upload), I'll probably put up an Android toy too, dunno when yet(tomorrow?). Trying for several platforms here, but I've only got PC and Android that I can test myself, so we'll see how it goes. I may have to borrow an Ipad from somebody. Anyhow, enough of my rambling, go on, kick the tires!! Hope it doesn't crap out on ya. It works on my dev. machine which has some pretty terrible "graphics hardware".. Easier to keep things mobile-friendly that way though. Latest Build: https://www.gamedev.net/blogs/entry/2266237-sling-bot-boarding-day-7-toy-build-4-d/
  24. Septopus

    How Linux Community Steals Proprietary Assets

    None of this has anything to do with the Linux community. If you have a licensing related problem with the contents of that person's asset package maybe you should report the issue to the administrators of opengameart.org? Sorry, I just can't follow the logic that leads this back to Linux or the Linux community. This is from the description of that asset package.. Are you sure you aren't just seeing intentional similarities?
  25. Septopus

    Starting Zone

    Very cool! Thanks for expanding on all that! Maybe once you've got the process developed a little further you could write it up in a way that others could try it out too? Either way, cool to hear about your process/progress. Keep it up, seems to be working out pretty well.
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