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  1. supermikhail

    No market for 'good games'?

    I think that's a very debatable philosophical point (that very few game developers try to influence people's behavior). You could even say that the vast majority of game developers are occupied by trying to make players play their game some more. And then play another game in that genre. Then also can it be denied that at least a portion of developers includes complex moral decisions in RPGs to make players consider them? Not simply because they're fun. Also "This war of mine". You could say there's no evidence they change anyone's behavior, and while that's true, it seems to deny the simple fact that we are changed by every interaction in our lives. And finally, in general I think we've sort of achieved peak technology of influencing people's behavior in the form of the advertising industry (which is very present in gaming). I guess yeah, it could be unexplored territory due to specifics. But I tend to disagree that in general we are in the dark.
  2. supermikhail

    No market for 'good games'?

    Oof, I guess it's a bit of an issue of mine, because I want to rant some more. I'm not saying that you should stop trying to influence the world through your art, but be level-headed in evaluating the priorities. I'd say that 80% of the value lies in entertaining and 20% in the message. Be that the amount of effort you put into each part, or how much of an impression your work makes. Also it seems to me that what makes more of an impart is satire or counter-examples, such that a work of fiction depicting atrocities of war in grisly detail is more effective than a work showing how nice it is to live in a peaceful society.
  3. supermikhail

    No market for 'good games'?

    While I have no way to evaluate your conclusions (they could be right or wrong, but I expect the picture to be a lot more complicated), I try to foster humility in myself about this. First and foremost what we're doing is entertainment (unless it's a training simulator of some sort). Let's also not forget about the death of the author, which is arguably the weightiest factor in gaming, considering increased agency in comparison to other art forms. Edit: Also, do players usually even have a way of verifying that what is suggested is in fact good deeds? Is it going to say in a note that "such and such study has found this"? Not every action (or rather, very few) is unambiguous in its moral outcome, and teaching it in a useful way can be very complicated, especially taking the aforementioned death of the author into account. Yeah, I'm still in favor of extreme humility of the auteur, in this regard. Making things entertaining is hard enough as it is.
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