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  1. supermikhail

    Borders and a Goal

    Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that: it seemed that the light in front managed to light up the spikes through the ground, which I guess I refused to stand for, because my realism! So I decreased the light's range. I mean, that makes sense. But yeah, the effect before was... desirable. But not necessarily reliable. I imagine if the spikes hadn't been in the second row, the light wouldn't have caught them anyway.
  2. supermikhail

    Borders and a Goal

    Maybe you're right. I've been kind of reticent with respect to specularity, because... well, PBR specularity confuses me. But I've set smoothness to half in this video: I've also read in some blog to add a back light. Anyway, what do you think about the current situation? I think it's better but I personally can't tell how much. And maybe CyberFlea is too shiny now.
  3. supermikhail

    Borders and a Goal

    Thanks! Yeah, and I'm kind of not sure what to do about it. I wish I had started with a brighter palette, so I could make this toon-shaded, or whatever, and so a bright-blue character would be prominent on gray tiles... Or maybe that's not it at all... That's another part where I wish that I had a more experienced person that I could ask for advice. It's either the way I do lighting or the way I painted the character... well, probably both.
  4. supermikhail

    Borders and a Goal

    I decided to call this entry "Borders and a Goal" just to make it easier to remember than "Progress Report 10-Nov". I feel like I've spent the majority of time downloading and going through free effects packs, mostly fruitlessly. Kind of starting to hate particle systems, to be honest. From the beginning I imagined that I could actually draw at least fire by hand... which is, of course, not necessarily a piece of cake, but I'd feel more productive than this. It also turned out that my worries about glitches in the standalone were unfounded. Well, they only come up at qualities below good, I think. Which is an easy fix. Brainstormed a lot about such aspects of gameplay as how to limit the play area, what to have as pick ups, and especially what to have as the goal, while staying with the theme. Managed to implement some parts in today's video. Speaking of which: Oh, and finally, redid the normals for one tile type properly (baking from a higher-poly mesh), and as expected, any supernatural lighting behavior disappears. Actually comparing the two textures on the Unity preview sphere it's pretty clear that something's wrong. It's like its back side manages to catch light from the front. I'd say it's more of a hypersphere than a simple sphere, which could be interesting if I could produce this result on purpose. First - old; second - new.
  5. supermikhail

    Post Mortem: CreatureFeature

    Hey, if you come across a good algorithm, don't forget to write an update! I'm kind of notorious for miserably failing to implement more and more desperate ideas for generating... non-rectangular mazes, I suppose one could say. Well, usually it just comes down to trying to connect random spots in the world. Which rarely produces anything suitable to navigation.
  6. supermikhail

    Post Mortem: CreatureFeature

    Interesting. My personal takeaway from coding AI is that it never goes according to plan. And yeah, I approve of going outside. I'm wondering if the square grid was a requirement. I don't know if something different would have been possible, but the world's shape doesn't really seem to match what it's supposed to represent. I mean, those diagonal streets are looking pretty jaggy, aren't they? Yeah, pretty cool in-progress animations too, of course.
  7. supermikhail

    Let's Moving Forward

    Kind of hard to tell what's going on. I'm wondering what the player controls and how. The hook with the mouse? Or, I suppose, with touch.
  8. supermikhail

    #9. Blood Phantasm

    That looks very cool, I wish I knew what it was... I mean, I went and looked at the Steam page, and now I do. (I don't know if that's a fair comparison, but looking at the battle system all I can think of is Darkest Dungeon.) Does this blog start with entry #5, or am I missing something? Anyway, I guess you're from Russia, too. I think it's pretty fair to say that you don't see this type and quality of game from our country often, so good job. Edit: Oh, I'm not the only one. The Polish gry-online has done a very "Darkest Dungeon" -focused writeup.
  9. supermikhail

    Menu, Sound (and other worries)

    So, yeah, I've added some sounds and drew a main menu graphic... ...I probably shouldn't have, at least the graphic, because that took quite a bit of time. But I started enjoying drawing, and well... I'm also hoping that even if it's, critically speaking, childish scribbles, maybe it at least counts for something that I can operate a tablet and know what brushes are? I only belatedly realized that it doesn't convey very well the theme and atmosphere of the game, because of the bright colors and lack of any mechanical parts. Maybe I'll go over it another time. As far as sound effects, I just downloaded a bunch of free assets from the Unity store. I tried to build a standalone, and fortunately Unity seems to be pretty good about including only parts that I've actually used, because there's no way I can figure out what I can delete without breaking everything. Speaking of a standalone... Well, that was a disaster. The current video has been recorded from the editor, because in the standalone there's weird stuff going on with sound effects, but worst of all strange input lag. This is a huge part of the reason why I originally wanted to take on only the art section. I've got no idea how to debug or fix those issues.
  10. supermikhail

    A simple language game

    Well, I'm not in such a hurry to make this game now, but Unity's just recommended the Watson SDK (speech-to-text, among many other possibilities), and that's kind of made me excited again. Quite possible I could make something with much more value for minimal effort (in comparison to trying to implement a similar system by myself).
  11. It's probably not very helpful, but I'm reminded in such cases, and inspired by a couple GDC talks. One is "How to survive in gamedev without a hit for 11 years" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmwbYl6f11c Another is more a more recent "Failing to Fail: The Spiderweb Software way": https://youtu.be/stxVBJem3Rs That said, their practical usefulness might be questionable, especially because by now they were both made at a very different time (or the companies, in any case). But yeah, your game looks very niche to me, and while I don't have any marketing experience myself, I feel like it just might be unsuited for traditional marketing methods. I think in one of those talks they say that on a smaller platform than steam it's easier to get noticed. Anyway, good luck with your next effort.
  12. supermikhail

    What is my ideal company (size)?

    For me it's not exactly about being important. On the one hand, even if the company is 20 people, I'll most likely only get to know the up to 3 other people that I've talked about. That just seems to be how my brain works. Unless, I suppose, they are very intent on getting to know me. On the other hand, yeah, I hate being dispensable. I feel it's better to be a meaningful part of a precarious project while having each other's back.
  13. supermikhail

    Introducing... the CyberFlea!

    Thanks, everyone! I'll think about it... But don't you think it's a little generic? To be honest, I haven't been able to come up with a good title myself, although I haven't thought too much about it either. Well, it started with the working title "Monster Frogger" of course, but then I read up on it, and of course it sounds a bit too much like "Frogger". ūüėČ This is also part of the reason why it's a flea and not a frog... Oh, I see. Your name.
  14. supermikhail

    Introducing... the CyberFlea!

    Been finally working on the player character. On the plus side, I like the complexity of its... or maybe his? - shape, if that makes sense, and I enjoyed painting the texture. Sorry, I don't know at the moment how to take a good close-up image in Unity. Here is the model in Blender. On the minus side, once again without clear concept art from the start I've found it hard to fit the character with the rest of the level, especially size- and perspective-wise. When I put the camera at the distance where it would make sense for the gameplay, the character will indeed be like a flea on the screen. Also color-wise. I thought that the original would stand out garishly, so I desaturated it in Unity. Now it gets lost among the background. There's also the movement, and a frustrating aspect to the way I implemented it. Namely, I'm simulating projectile motion: I set the jump distance and duration, plus launch angle in the inspector, then it calculates launch speed. The problem is that... well, apart that this seems maybe like overkill (although at the same time the most natural solution)... There's rounding errors. So I think it drifts by a small amount with each jump, while it should land smack in the middle of each row. Anyway, I've decided for the moment that if I don't make each level too big it shouldn't be a problem. Finally, the animations. As I suspected, that's pretty much my favorite part of the process (although maybe that's just because there's so few of them right now, who knows). In the end I went without a launching and landing animation and just transitioned between idle and in the air. Otherwise I couldn't make the blending work responsively, if that makes sense. But this introduces some jerkiness if you jump in very quick succession, and I'm not sure how to solve that. Of course, here there's also some "cleverness" involved, and maybe I'll be clever enough in the future to avoid it.
  15. supermikhail

    What is my ideal company (size)?

    Thanks for your quick feedback. I know my post is long, but it was more supposed to be considered as a single issue / question, not necessarily a series of questions the way you've split them. Sorry for the confusion. (Specifically, the first one was rhetorical, if that's the term.) Since this came up... I do kind of have social anxiety, I guess. Or at the very least extreme introversion (those are not necessarily related, I know). I'm kind of working on it, but there's only so much one can do.
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