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  1. Sounds good! I really need to focus on those mechanics I think that will help overshadow most concerns those have for a characters race or body type. The playstyle should help take away most of that focus cause that's what will help sell the most right? I had in mind a similar Smash Bros concept maybe with a dynamic camera view changing around the characters, maybe more in a more 3D perspective. Or I could go with that multi camera view like an Overwatch match or Halo's King of the Hill battle but in a fighting style form? Which sounds more potential? The Smash style? Or each player having their own camera view ala Halo/Overwatch? Or is this the wrong place to ask about this?
  2. Okay, and I should not worry right now about how others perceive a female Native American mixed martial artist or a muscular monk right
  3. Haha really? Is it a common thing to occur or am I the only one?
  4. You mean like someones race or ethnicity right? I actually had that problem with the Native American female MMA idea. Someone explained to me that it could be very offensive and they took it offensive as to why I chose Native American as the race. Even if my response was for diversity but also because I like the culture and find it fitting for her character maybe to explain her heritage as to how she inherited certain powers from family ancestry and that she would represent as an MMA themed fighter NOT as a stereotypical Native American and show indication she would wear a family crescent Native bead around her neck or have some tattoo on her that is based on her cultures heritage. He told me none of that would help give me any leeway and it still can be seen offensive. He explained that I need to understand the culture and speak with those who are from Native organizations first or it will seem inappropriate. His main grip was that why would I need to choose Native American when there are very few around and small minority of tribes that still exist was what he told me and that I'm making it harder on myself. he said that it's more stereotypical that I would choose a Native American background for a character as if there are no better options to choose from and that it seems kinda forced to be picking such a minority background for a character that is more obsolete compared to what is mostly seen in the States today. Does he make a good point? Or should I say the *** with it and do my best for this characters background of Native descent? @Rutin yes you make some very good and logical points, wish it was that easy but maybe I'm overthinking this a bit
  5. @Septopus I get what you're saying, as long as it's fitting for what it is it should be fine then? I know I show great concern about this only because I had someone tell me that making him that big would be a letdown because they said it would be impossible for a character with that size for example to be able to fight or move fluently but this is a fictional fighting game we're talking about right? Btw yeah that muscle mass inspiration for him would be for a very tough monk @Rutin I know I need to stop worrying what everyone thinks and just make it how I had planned yes I've seen certain games where they have half naked females and even multiple stereotypes and no one seems to care, but then there was this game I saw before where the protagonist or hero of the game had huge muscles and many got so mad over it? I think one of them was Street Fighter, they got mad over Ryu's muscles being very big?
  6. I'm sorry, hope my comment didn't sound rude that example I showed was to see if those muscles are to big for the monk or if it's ok. Or is a physique like Ace from One Piece a better body type?
  7. Hmmm..so would something like this would be impractical then?
  8. Is it okay I give the monk hero big muscles or will that upset players?
  9. You make a good point. And I definitely plan on adding a complete variety of characters. So what I should of said was in regards to not really a main character but a character that fits the Ryu archetype. That well rounded sort of basic easy to pick up mid balance character. I think I could pull this off with the monk idea. Though others have told me that using a more MMA style approach would do better justice cause it's more like a modern version of a Ryu type but the monk idea could sort of emphasize that disciplined power character I think and maybe a more harder style as monks are usually super fast and fluent, maybe having a variety of fighting type styles this monk could have a more power and quickness combined but not flashy so he's more the Ryu archetype. Could that work?
  10. Okay I think I'll go with monk then because I feel I can develop a more intriguing story with him, just hope the revenge plot is still okay to use and not considered overdone. But I can always change his story for the sequel
  11. What if I sort of merge the two? Or is that too complex?
  12. So all in all, this should not have a great effect on her nationality or heritage as long as her short story and play mechanics are well implimented?
  13. That is true. Since this is a fighting game I wanted to represent a whole different variety of characters. So at first I wanted to truly represent her as a fighting game character that played a homage and tribute to Native American culture with a fighting style that was based on her heritage but I don't want to make it a stereotype so that is why I made choices between making her a cop, a soldier or an MMA fighter without really letting anyone know she is Native American other than through maybe appearance or some small references.
  14. Cool! I think I'll work more on that option.
  15. What do you mean? All I wanted was to get advice on some very controversial issues that seem very big in todays world
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