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  1. RevanT1

    Ideal themes for my fighting game

    i wanted this to be 3D and more like Street Fighter. But I may want to add a Double Dragon type mode later on.
  2. RevanT1

    Ideal themes for my fighting game

    That is all true. In fact, I think I'm going to combine all the themes and merge them into my own thing. If the gameplay, style and mechanics can all be suited well without causing any unbalance and helps me create each original character than I think I can do it.
  3. RevanT1

    Ideal themes for my fighting game

    I can try and see how it goes, thanks. When you say something different and bolder meaning like creating an entire new theme on it's own?
  4. I have three different themes. One I would create as a horror based themed, another would be a sci-fi themed and one more would be fantasy style themed fighting game. Or should I just combine all the themes into one fighting game? Let me know which choice you guys like the most. https://strawpoll.com/6pd8kdrx
  5. Hello guys, I've been hard at work on my fighting game project ideas and I'd like it if anyone wants to share their thoughts and feedback on my character list and any improvements I need, thanks. Filipino evil shamaness - has the abilities to control a swarm of demonic magic insects Filipino good spirit healer female - she's the polar opposite of the evil shamaness. Can control spirits that she uses in her attacks contortionist female fire dancer - an acrobatic creepy high techno styled servant that is part of a pack of entertainers that work for this evil corporate but also secretly for a demonic side of the world which is to cause pain and havoc in the real world male killer clown -either he was an athletic performer and member of an entertainment industry long ago when clowns were a thing of the past but during that time he had gone mad as a killer but had then been become apart of this altered dimension which has become like a clown society to him Thai female assassin scorpion style Thai female assassin spider style - both twin sister assassins What do some of you think so far?
  6. Thanks, glad you like my ideas. I had a gorgoyle in mind maybe from Eastern Europe territory. I think it will help if I list my ideas more in a separate thread for the character concepts and maybe I'll have a better understanding of them.
  7. I think this would be cool! I even had two versions of the character archetypes in mind like an evil female commando that uses knives and a male commando type that was part of her team that could maybe be a ammunition melee expert? They could be the "soldiers" or "mercenaries" but then I have an alien space marine which is like military but more "space marine" and a futuristic gunslinger male monster hunter idea, but that would fit more as a "monster hunter" group right? Cause I even thought of a female monster hunter too. And maybe that Australian spy lady I mentioned before would fit as a "spy agent" category. I like the camgaign and torunament mode. I think it would help flesh out the characters more and give players more variety. I also have an idea with a warrior monk character with a Tibetan snow leopard motif and halberd pole staff. I also had an idea for another monk style character which would be his rival/friend with a cheetah motif and twin hook swords or Tibetan short sword. This could be a "warrior monk" class, only thing is would his rival/friend sound better as a male or female? Because I had an idea of a female Wudang style monk fighter with maybe a Tibetan white crane motif. Oh and of course my viking crew and Greek crew. This has been confusing and difficult for me to decide because I thought of having a minotaur, a Greek statue fighter, an ogre and a small axe w/shield human viking. Which ones do you think would fit more viking and which more Greek spartan? Obviously the human viking would go with "vikings" The serpent gorgon idea Ive been working on a while, she could be more Greek mythology? Or more Indian naga? Or save this one for a more reptilian experimental theme? Like a "reptile" theme where two reptilian creatures were created, one huge snake-like and another one more humanoid like a dragon hybrid thing? Lol ok that's it now that was enough characters I listed. Edit: Ok I decided to brush up on some of this, so if i'm using two characters for each archetype, so far I got the British female cybercop with the dogs and the ex partner cybermech cop. The ninja with the fox I think will work as foxes like to hide and sneak in spots, haven't decided what other ninja I can create but I'm leaning towards a female. The bad lady commando and a more duke Nukem kind of guy being two mercenaries. A Judge Dredd/Cyrax/Sektor male sci-fi soldier with a female super soldier, giving me at least two soldiers. A viking minotaur with a huge battle axe and a human viking with duel axes for viking warriors. A Greek statue and gorgon snake female spartan with spear and shield can be two Greek mythologies. An ogre I think will have to be part of another class. Maybe celtic warriors? And the experimental idea I will save for something else. Whoaooh that was a lot. Thank you.
  8. Ok this will work then. And also since the female cop will have one or two sidekick cyber dogs, this could play into her ex partner the bad cop becoming frustrated with her for trusting her cyber dog or dogs more than him after his corruption? And I had this idea of a modern ninja soldier character. He would have an SAS style to him with military and martial arts training from around the globe. Problem is I wanted to give him a K9 companion sidekick to fit his loner character. But since the cybercop woman has the K9 thing, would it be better if I gave the ninja soldier a fox or wolf partner? Or just take away the K9 idea from the cybercop woman and just leave it for the ninja soldier? I just don't want to end up with similar clone characters. Thanks.
  9. Ok, though I actually have a few paths I could take with this. 1. Should I work on the one I just told you with the bad cop being her boss and finding out he murdered her partner and framing her for it, resulting her wanting revenge against him? 2. Or the bad cop was her partner but after gaining cybernetic enhancements he got greedy and corrupted which she didn't trust him anymore, resulting in them as enemies? 3. Or after her partner went missing or supposedly killed, she then finds out he's alive after being saved by enhancements but is now become corrupted which would make them enemies?
  10. He might look similar to the style of the good female cop but I would like him to still be different enough you could distinguish them apart that they are not the same. Thanks, I like the Lex Luthor idea for him too. Maybe some Robocop influence. The problem is despite characters like Ryu and Ken who are similar but different, I wanted to go for a more different angle approach where almost every character is completely different in style and is sort of based off a popular trope. If I can manage to make both cybercops very different than maybe this could work. I could connect these two characters into the story, like the Lex/Robocop guy was the chief police commissioner boss of the cybercop womans unit which became corrupted with all police forces around the world becoming bad do to dystopia society which her and her cop partner rebelled against, then her partner is murdered and she enters the fight to get answers and the Lex Luthor/Robocop chief would be the one responsible for her partners death. Is this a good start in story connections for these characters?
  11. Yeah I think this will work good for Aussie female character. This is true, I want each character to be very unique. Those fighting game series are good examples. So if I made a black female British cybercop maybe more good/neutral, would it then sound better if I made an evil male British cybercop similar to Lex Luthor? Or American? Or French seem cooler? I was thinking for the British black female cybercop she would have an electric shield, kali stick fighting weapon with martial arts training. Maybe the bad cop could be more heavy, armored shield, police helmet and gear used for breaking through walls? Or should the bad cop have the electric shield, stick and taser? Are they still too similar? Or I could make the bad cybercop another British female as well but make her more like a female version of Robocop or Bladerunner girl villain? Thanks again.
  12. Thanks, I will check it out. the thing is this is a fighting game basically so I wanted to have as many variety of characters for the player to choose from. Which is why I would change the surgeon into a mad doctor biochem fighter. And nurse would be a female mad scientist. I have plenty more sci fi characters, alien ideas, monsters, etc. the thing is either the afro-British lady could be the cybercop or the blonde Aussie lady as the cybercop, unless I include both and make one good and one bad, only problem is they are too similar cause it is hard for me to come up with different cyber cop ideas. Does blonde female Aussie secret spy agent sound cooler for the Aussie girl? Or leave her cybercop?
  13. You're right. That's why I was thinking of making the surgeon now his own character and more of a trained biochemic mad doctor might sound cooler. Using toxins, gas weapons, chemicals and such. The nurse I might change into this beautiful female that uses martial arts, trained in gene therapy, and can use other characters data to input into her system. I wanted to make her either African American or Puerto Rican? I like soldiers, ninjas, warriors, etc, I actiually have an idea for a cybercop fighter. Which would make her more unique? A black female British cop? Or a blonde Aussie female cop? And I wanted one good cybercop and one bad rogue cybercop, maybe the bad one being male? Is having two cybercops too much? Thanks for the help.
  14. RevanT1

    Starting a new 1v1 fighting game

    @Aceticon tthank you for your advice, I'm probably looking to take this game in a more serious art style approach. Maybe I can decide more what style suits the theme but I rather get the design choice down first but I agree, the fighting style has to be fun according to the design I choose. @ElMacquinoa that is true maybe I need to think outside if 2D so this will stand out more? Thanks! But I put each catagory of each theme to choose from not just one character out of the bunch soso say for the choice between snowman and wendigo? And Egyptian scarecrow or Japanese scarecrow? Etc..
  15. Hey just wanted some of your opinions on which character ideas you like better. It's sci-fi cyber elements mixed with horror, weapons combat and fantasy. Which of the choices for these characters would be the best one I should go with? A snowman creature or ice wendigo? A voodoo/sorcerer pirate? Or Southeast Asian sorcerer shaman? An American witch from the US like Alaska or Nebraska? Or from the Philippine Islands? Or an Italian witch from Italy with pagan powers? Make her an evil witch or more nature mystic? An ancient Egyptian inspired scarecrow? A feudal era Japanese ninja-inspired scarecrow? Or a southern US Texas farmland scarecrow? A medical psycho nurse&doctor duo, make them superhuman zombies with medical fighting weapons like saws, needles, scalpels? Or cyborgs with cybernetic needles, scalpels etc? An American war hero female soldier? Or an Italian/Spaniard soldier?
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