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  1. PIPEIO - a simple time killer, in the spirit of Ketchapp. PIPEIO - game in which the main thing is collecting and holding the combo, to achieve better results. The more points you have, the higher you will be on the cross-board leaderboard. GamePlay Video ◉ Rules of survival: 1. Fall down and catch the combo 2. Earn as many points as possible 3. Every 5 floors is a level. 4. Do not fall on the tile of your color 5. More colors = more points. 6. Get as many points as possible! ◉ Top - every week. Jump in an endless journey with the ball at various levels from the lungs to the supercomplex. Get to the Dark Essence. Try to maneuver in a spiral, try the edges, earn the greatest combo. Be brighter with the Tricolor game. Open for yourself a new one and collect more points. Enter the TOP list and become the Master of the Pipeio! Show whose balls are steeper! Download: GooglePlay | AppStore
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