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  1. Lotuss5

    Xenko Game Engine Goes Open Source

    Thank you for sharing this unknown information about Xenko. I will begin to inquire more about it!
  2. Lotuss5

    Make a game in 5 minutes with LGCK builder

    Interesting I will study it a little more in depth.
  3. Lotuss5

    Epic's Challenges with Fortnite on Android

    Epic has always shown interest in improving its security against malwares it is good to know that they are in constant updates in this aspect.
  4. Lotuss5

    Entity Component Systems and Data Oriented Design

    Thanks for sharing! I have also run into similar problems recently.
  5. Lotuss5

    IndieCade Announces 2018 Festival Nominees

    Great experiences I would have liked to be present.
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