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  1. TBUA

    GameDev Books

    Hi there, As someone who wants to explore the world of Gamedev without getting hands on with game engines this really is a good list. I do have one question though: do you have any recommendations for books approaching this similar topic but using C++ ? This might be a silly thought (I'm very new to all this, even programming) but what really is the long term difference in obtaining this knowledge with C# rather than C++?
  2. TBUA

    Getting the Best from Writers

    I'm a big fan of your work Andrew :). I do have a question, do you feel the emphasis on game writing has had a dramatic shift in recent years? The reason I ask this is because I'm a freelance Narrative Designer (Not from UK or US) and where I'm from nobody is really into developing games with a rooted story. Do you have any advice for someone like to me on how to best find work in this realm?
  3. TBUA

    Heres a question

    Yeah, I kinda agree with @Septopus. When I started out I used to think a lot about how to implement these features into the game world, and a lot of these times I just got carried away without focusing on my core task: which is writing the game. There still isn't a standard template when it comes to tackling this task and thats why most of the game writers starting out get carried away with these details. Just have a rough idea of how you would want to implement these features because a lot of times that final call isn't really upto the writer (its cool though if its your personal project, but still be prepared not to loose yourself in the task).
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