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  1. Esteban5XG

    What's is the best story game you've played?

    What I like the most of Deus Ex is the RTT part, because it offers me the possibility to include some tactical experiences in the gameplay.
  2. I know! It will finally be ready to be downloaded this week. Hope to show you tomorrow some screenshots, a little bit gameplay and so Devlog, indeed! Update: The Soldier Book.DAY 15.I was born in the era where dying is not an option. Every day I have fought to change the world. I know I’m just a soldier in wartime, maybe in the worst time Earth has ever passed through. If I live for fighting is because faith demands me to. Don’t know if today we will defeat the great horde, but I really wanna believe tomorrow will be a better day, even if I am not alive to see it. At least the 80% of my body is full of bandages. The thinner I am, the heavier the flak jacket becomes. I guess the weight is for all the friends I have lost. Today, once I walk out the doors, armed to the teeth, I ain’t gonna think of coming back until the great horde of zombies is completely destroyed. I’ll give my last breath to keep this bunker in safe. Every day feels like it is the last day. Everyday becomes to a new day.[BTW, tomorrow we will finally show you the whole game, and by the end of the week you will be able to download it thorugh]
  3. Esteban5XG

    What's is the best story game you've played?

    I love Far Cry 2! The mission editor is simply brilliant. But I have to say that enemies get alarmed by you just by breathing. I know it increases the difficulty but it mess the power of the story.
  4. Update: Soldier Book DAY 14. If I am writing this it’s because we made it. We took the B-Z Ammo! It’s not all we wanted, but at least it will support us against the great horde. My arms and feet are still trembling in fear. I’ve just shit on me a couple of times and I have no voice in my throat, but I guess these are the consequences of the battle. Little Timmy feels stronger. I believe this battle will make him grow up faster. People at the bunker are really kind. At nursery, they keep us alive the enough time to be ready for the next battle. I barely have energy in my body, but at least I have to try. It is common to say that the world is for the braves. I believe that’s a big lie. The world is for the rest of the people alive after the war.
  5. Esteban5XG

    What's is the best story game you've played?

    I remember myself playing the first Monkey Island for PC, just black and white, and the story simply freaked me out. I was only 5 years old, and my father used to switch the computer on, just to play this game. Talking about Spec Ops, I don't know what is this game about. Is it similar than Monkey Island?
  6. Esteban5XG

    What's is the best story game you've played?

    So I guess for you the best video games comes to you by accident, and that sounds pretty awesome. I gonna see their gameplays just to know. Thanks for the comment! really interesting!
  7. Esteban5XG

    Project BlockchainZ

    Album for Project BlockchainZ
  8. Esteban5XG

    What's is the best story game you've played?

    What kind of game is it? Sounds interesting if you can make your own story, but I guess it has to be a little bit of different than other current games. Can you tell me how it works? Those games are amazing too, but you must admit how difficult is to select only 3 of them. BTW, love Rapture city!
  9. Esteban5XG

    What's is the best story game you've played?

    I can see that when you love a game, you love all about it. That's so cool, man! Love your Zelda Series.
  10. Update: The Soldier Book. DAY 12. Training day. We are taking the last military training with the best anti-zombie tactics in order to fight and defeat them. Yesterday Gunter the Shrapnel came back from the battlefield, with more of the damn shrapnel on his ass! That stupid son of the bitch will never die. Gunter tells me the last horde was nothing in comparison with the new one coming. They calculate the worst history horde of zombies ever will arrive in three days. I’ve never felt so scared in my whole life, but so pissed either. You won’t see me crying because of sadness. My tears are made of anger. I hate the #*@!ing zombies. So, today we are gonna attack the raiders facility bases. We need all the B-Z Ammo they have. It’s all about this damn ammo. We spoil it or defending the bunker won’t worth it. Little Timmy is calmer than usual. It seems that he does not realize the fact that, once we leave the bunker, we gotta fight for real. And we won’t only do it for ourselves, but also for all the humanity. I did not choose to fight in the world we live, but I don’t know another way to live for. Don’t know if today would be my last day alive. If I survive, tomorrow will be a new day.
  11. Esteban5XG

    What is the best video game HUD ever?

    I'll take a look. But it could be different because I want a third person shooter.
  12. Not today. Just finisihing the prototype. Tomorrow (or maybe next monday) will show you graphics, characters, enemies, worldmap and some mechanics. Also doing the website!
  13. Esteban5XG

    Advice for a young game writer...

    I work as a game designer and scriptwriter for an indie studio, and If I had to give some advice for young writers, I'd tell them to do some writing/grammar main courses, because writing a video game story is not the same as writing a novel, for example. Structure is quite different. Novel works in chapters, but video game depends on the game genre. Before start writing the story game, he should think about all the lore behind (I mean, all the backdrop of the game). I'm talking about the whole universe where the characters will move, and so the skills, abilities, attributes, an appropiate timeline and how divide it in slices/levels. Once you know and understand the whole universe you just created, you can do the structure. Structure depends on the genre. It is not the same structure for a 2D platform video game than a Racing Video Game, for example. But, as a lore fanatic, I'm always looking for the story behind each every game.
  14. Update: The Soldier Book. DAY 9. I always though seeing a horde of zombies coming could be the scariest sensation to feel. But I was wrong. Completely wrong, indeed. Today there are some hordes coming, but these hordes are crowded of injured soldiers, mates who come back destroyed by the war consequences, some of them just come back in pieces, with no life inside their bodies, and totally flooding of blood and pain all the beds at the nursery. Today I was heaping martyred bodies in the crematory oven: most of the times I burn fingers, arms, some legs and once in a while I burn heads. Suddenly, I took an arm completely tattooed. It was the Mike’s arm. I barely vomit in myself just by touching the arm. It was still warm and making some jerky movements. I am not gonna lie to you: I knew I was crying like a baby because I felt the tears burning my face while falling down. People die every day, but knowing Mike’s death was enough for me to feel that we all have lost him. There is shit everywhere I see and I cannot imagine a good way to end this. Next days I gonna be recruited. There are not enough soldier to fight for the bunker. And I don’t know what’s better: waiting the death to come or going to find it.
  15. Hi there, I'm just updating new content in this THREAD, just in case. Right now, I am talking about The Soldier Book, which tells you the storyline of the Game Jam Video Game. Hop you like it.
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