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  1. Not today. Just finisihing the prototype. Tomorrow (or maybe next monday) will show you graphics, characters, enemies, worldmap and some mechanics. Also doing the itcvh.io website!
  2. Esteban5XG

    Advice for a young game writer...

    I work as a game designer and scriptwriter for an indie studio, and If I had to give some advice for young writers, I'd tell them to do some writing/grammar main courses, because writing a video game story is not the same as writing a novel, for example. Structure is quite different. Novel works in chapters, but video game depends on the game genre. Before start writing the story game, he should think about all the lore behind (I mean, all the backdrop of the game). I'm talking about the whole universe where the characters will move, and so the skills, abilities, attributes, an appropiate timeline and how divide it in slices/levels. Once you know and understand the whole universe you just created, you can do the structure. Structure depends on the genre. It is not the same structure for a 2D platform video game than a Racing Video Game, for example. But, as a lore fanatic, I'm always looking for the story behind each every game.
  3. Update: The Soldier Book. DAY 9. I always though seeing a horde of zombies coming could be the scariest sensation to feel. But I was wrong. Completely wrong, indeed. Today there are some hordes coming, but these hordes are crowded of injured soldiers, mates who come back destroyed by the war consequences, some of them just come back in pieces, with no life inside their bodies, and totally flooding of blood and pain all the beds at the nursery. Today I was heaping martyred bodies in the crematory oven: most of the times I burn fingers, arms, some legs and once in a while I burn heads. Suddenly, I took an arm completely tattooed. It was the Mike’s arm. I barely vomit in myself just by touching the arm. It was still warm and making some jerky movements. I am not gonna lie to you: I knew I was crying like a baby because I felt the tears burning my face while falling down. People die every day, but knowing Mike’s death was enough for me to feel that we all have lost him. There is shit everywhere I see and I cannot imagine a good way to end this. Next days I gonna be recruited. There are not enough soldier to fight for the bunker. And I don’t know what’s better: waiting the death to come or going to find it.
  4. Hi there, I'm just updating new content in this THREAD, just in case. Right now, I am talking about The Soldier Book, which tells you the storyline of the Game Jam Video Game. Hop you like it.
  5. Esteban5XG

    When you have good idea,How would you design game?

    Totally agree with you. Moreover, you can show your progress by creating a devlog in the forum, and so we can give you feedback about the storygame, gameplay, graphics, mechanics and features...
  6. Esteban5XG

    What is the best video game HUD ever?

    Thanks for the advice. Right now I'm just looking for the look&feel, the visual style. But it's really good to know things to avoid while designing the hud. I want something visually cool and well constructed from the gameplay. It's not like a full map. It might work as a radar, in order to know where the enemies are, and so the player can play with RTT. I think the Dead Space example is really cool. Have you got another example?
  7. Esteban5XG

    What is the best video game HUD ever?

    Oh, I love it! How couldn't think about Dead Space Hud? Do you know if minimap appears, too? It will be necessary for the tactical mechanic.
  8. Hi there, I'm working on the hud for our Unity Game Jam Video Game. Our game is a third person shooter in a scifi world. I am looking for new concept ideas about the best hud you know. I really like the Overwatch Hud, but I'm searching for something a little bit more scary (it's not a terror video game, but some kind of). Any suggestion/recommendation?
  9. I know there are some games which stories just changed all. Stories that got us involved in for a long time. Those stories became a really important part of our favorite video games libraries. I'm just thinking about games I really enjoy because their stories are simply amazing. And so, this is my Top 3: Last of Us. This story of a surrogate father and daughter fighting for personal survival, forging bonds, and looking toward the survival of the entire human race is at times triumphant and others painful. The Witcher. The kind of story you will enjoy playing for 200 hours. No doubt. It's a complex but classic story of knights, witches, magic, gods, betrayals, transformations and love. Put everything together and let the story both hits and subverts fantasy and adventure. You can't blink your eyes or you'll loose something important about the game. Zelda: Ocarina of time. Probably the best game I've played in my whole life. Not only for the story (it's another Link story more, yeah, but deeper), but also for what it means to me (my early times playing video games). Obviously, there are much more games to talk about (Bioshock, for example). What are your Top3 Story Games?
  10. Update: The Soldier Book. DAY 5. Radio signal is working! Radio signal is working! It’s now transcribing some information. This information is gradually revealed, but at least it’s something. The raides has taken the control of the Northern sector, so they are getting closer to the bunker. That’s something we cannot allow. Our informers have the suspicions that these bandits have in their own a very big quantity of B-Z Ammo. We‘ve just calculated that a horde of zombies will arrive in about 4 days. Mike thinks we have to go now for the B-Z Ammo. That’s the only way to defend, tooth and nail, the bunker. I believe we have no time. We barely can defend the onslaughts of zombies with the few B-Z Ammo at our disposal. We need to get the access to the rest of the Ammo as soon as we can, even if that means the extermination of the raiders. There is no other way: raiders or us. Today I’ve seen a little girl die. She just died in my arms. Infection has killed her. Her eyes, deeply covered with blood, are gonna be opened forever, but not her breath. Once she has died, I shooted her in the eyes. She was already dead by then, and that was the problem. Barely not a soul would fit in the hospital area of the bunker. Our downs are worse than theirs. So, what a zombie means to all the hordes of the living death that still have to come? Gunter and Mike are now recruited for the fight, so they went with the rest of the platoon. Honestly, I don’t’ know if I will see them again. Maybe you all think that killing a zombie doesn’t make a real difference, but when a soldier dies, that’s damn bullshit. Gunter, Mike. Best of luck, guys.
  11. Esteban5XG

    How to get feedback for your games?

    Maybe you could create a DevLog post in the Forum appropiate category and get it updated. So we can see your progress, what's your game about and the way to play it in order to send you feedback. I guess it's all about the content you share with the community.
  12. Thanks for the comment! We do know about the "BlockchainZ" naming. It's just a fake name we use to participate in the Game Jam. We wanna know where can we go for and so the possibilities about the game. Hope to offer you all everybody a downloable prototype once the Game Jam finish in order to talk deeper and have more feedback.
  13. Hi there, Hi everybody, I am now joining Unity Game Jam with some of my colleagues. It's being two weeks and we are trying to make a Third Person Shooter with RPG and RTT mechanics video game. We name it "Project BlockchainZ" I've just open a thread about the complete game design, but in this thread I wanna share the storyline with all of you, in order to know what do you think about it. So here you are: Game Storyline Nobody could imagine the falling of the whole world until the deaths woke up. That nonliving ones became something we cannot consider as human being. They change into a new creature, stronger, more frightening, and almost unbeatable. Society broke in pieces and the few ones alive had to survive at any cost. As the Major of a ranger platoon you have found an abandoned Military Outpost crowded of helpless people closer to one of the coldest parts in the world. You must keep them in safe until the reinforcements arrive. There’s only one way to kill the damn zombies: the BlockchainZ Ammo. Search for the BlockchainZ Ammo and destroy the hordes of zombies, but beware of the raiders: they will take your BlockchainZ Ammo whatever it takes. Right now the Raiders have all the BlockchainZ ammo, you must fight them and spoil it, but be on guard, they will counterattack. Remember, the survival of the people depends on you. Don’t let them down! Gameflow. Once you start playing Project BlockchainZ, you must defend the bunker against the hordes of zombies and raiders on a fixed map where you'll fight with your troops and traps. The bunker is basically the main area where you'll not only have to keep the people within alive, but also yourself during the reinforcements arrive. The zombies are extremely resistant, so you will need a type of ammo called BlockchainZ, which contains a very strong poison that acts directly against the brain traveling through the body. The BlockchainZ Ammo is hidden in Raiders's Facility Bases and you must spoil it from them. The more B-Z Ammo you spoil, the more Raiders will attack you, increasing the game difficulty level. Any suggestions and recommendations are welcome.
  14. UPDATE: The Soldier Book.DAY 3.We’re all completely exhausted. It’s been more than 12 hours to keep all these people in safe behind the walls of the bunker. Finally we’ve just kept all the doors and windows locked from every adjacent building in order to guide the “enemy” by the way we want to. It is said that you have to live each every day like it could be the last one, but right here we all have the sad sensation that day has gone a long time ago. It’s not only depression or sadness for the times we have to live, but also the whole apathy and the desperate agony managing our hearts. Our bodies have become the glory audience of the tragedy. We all the team have worked like animals (is it still allowed to say “animals”?). Our team is formed by Bob the bee, Mike Hundred Tattoos, Gunter the Shrapnel… we all have worked so hard. Even the Little Timmy. We came here as a Military Outpost searching for survivors, but we never imagined to find a whole colony, crowded of people consumed by the hopeless, with no future to feed which. How is even possible not to help them? We have to give them our support whatever it takes. At this moment, we are all inside the bunker. The doors are locked at all costs. Radio signal still doesn’t work and there’s a solitude feeling spinning around our heads. Barely a crack behind the doors let the air come inside, and so all the screaming and the groans of pain. Sometimes we can hear the shooting outdoor and all our mates fighting in order to defend not only the bunker but also themselves. Nobody could imagine the end of the world until the death woke up. They are not death anymore. These creatures are now zombies. The worst animals on Earth. I don’t know when will they call me to fight, but I guess I’m ready. Just quaking in my boots right now, but it’s OK.
  15. Esteban5XG

    Graphics VS Story VS Gameplay

    Such a good answer to point that story is a priority. Like it!
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