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  1. Nauptre

    Writers and concept artists wanted

    @ProphetaMors Great! I look forward to talking to you. We already have two writers beside myself, but we do have room for one more.
  2. Nauptre

    Writers and concept artists wanted

    Oh, okay. It makes a lot more sense like that. Thanks for clearing it up!
  3. Hi! I've heard a saying that goes something like "Never do your dream project". It means that the ideas that you've been developing for years are not the ones you should create, but go into the industry - whatever it may be - with an open mind and do the projects that come your way. That may not be true in every case, but now it feels right. I have a few ideas and stories that I would like to turn into a game, but I think it would be best to start from scratch with this one. So it would not just be my vision, but the vision of the whole team. So I'm probing to see if there are any writers interested in collaborating in creating a story that would be turned into a game. At this point it is quite open what the game would be like, but I do have some opinions on the direction: -Made with simple tools like GameMaker Studio, RPG Maker or Unity, but with original assets made by our team. -The game would focus on story, dialogue, character development and multiple ways of solving a problem. -Keep it small, keep it simple. We should focus on telling a compact and coherent story. Keep gameplay mechanics, assets, music and size of the game world etc to a minimum, but hone them to perfection. Keep the project at a manageable size but still put a lot of effort into its execution. -I would like the story to be realistic, humane and personal. Instead of some far fetched story about a bunch of edgy and epic heroes on a quest to save the world. It could still be scifi, post-apocalyptic (my favourite) or fantasy etc, but done in a way that feels real and relatable. -Make millions of dollars. Of course Right now I'm looking for writers and maybe concept artists to hang out on discord, throw around ideas and try to come up with a thread we want to start following. I like to work in a way in which there are a ton of ideas and possible directions at first, but then we start to edit them out until we have that which works and what is essential. Come up with ideas and edit them out, over and over again. Chisel out the boulder until the statue appears. If you are interested, send me an email. Tell me a little about yourself, what kind of a story/game would you like us to make and a sample of your writing. For example a description of a character, dialoque sample, quest, story arc or all of the above. Same with concept artists, tell me a little about yourself and the vision you have for the style of the game and a sample of your work. A little about me: I'm a 32 year old man from Finland. My favourite games are Fallout 1 & 2 and Mercenaries 2. I don't have professional experience of games or writing, but I have studied game development in school and the art of writing on my own. I started this project because I love to come up with stories and characters and this is a change to write and develop a game with other people. To have fun and create something. I hope to hear from you! Mikko Levula mlevula@hotmail.com
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