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    Help choosing an engine

    Yeah, there isn't a WYSIWYG editor. Not that I'm going to use one, either - maybe for UI it would be neat, but my game isn't going to implement a proper moving camera(maybe some screenshakes, but that's it). Have you tried Processing? It's generally designed for such things as experimenting with data or visualizing something as fast as possible afaik. And, well, yeah, hopefully I can make it work with my architecture in mind
  2. Jeaciaz

    Help choosing an engine

    I've already started it with LibGDX after some consideration. Thanks though =)
  3. Hey GameDev! I'm currently sitting with a cool 2D game concept and time/team to get into a decently good development cycle, but torn between several engines. I'm currently considering: Java or Kotlin - LibGDX C# - SFML bind(SFML.NET), Unity, Godot C++ - Unreal, Cocos2d-x, SFML I'm not exactly sure about language either; With my interests lying mostly in Java/Kotlin area, they are pretty slow. C# is mostly referred as go-to game dev language, but SFML is pretty low-level(and won't run on my Linux Mono setup duh) and I personally don't like Unity too much as it's pretty heavy for my taste and seems somewhat messed up with its truckload of different features. Maybe it's not true and I've been approaching it from the wrong end since everyone seems to recommend it? Godot is there, too, but its C# support is in beta stage right now and they themselves advise not to use it for serious projects. I also considered C++ as I'm somewhat fluent in it, but it's pretty low-level and shooting myself in a leg seems to slow down the development and clutter the code too much. Maybe it's not true for some engines/APIs? Not sure. Just in case, I also know Python 3 and JS basics in case there is a decent solution(though I was unable to find it). If there are good options I'm missing for listed languages - please let me know as well!
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