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  1. For web based games try to get them into Kongregate, Armorgames, Newgrounds. You will have to make some tweaks to fit in their requirements, though you will get lots of free feedback. For standalone platforms like PC, Android there are forums dedicated to that, although people don't trust indie games off the internet, it must be through some reputable platform. For getting new players overall, without investing much money, these are the best shots i know. You can shoot for the moon, promote it on reddit, or collab with a free distributor for a small mutual contract that you make content, and you both share the revenue. Without advertising here, they are out there
  2. Chalpie

    Help me find this game?

    Could it be Micro Machines? That's the only game i can come up with, quite popular back then and it had multiple levels think it had snow stage
  3. I agree with you a lot. Keep asking myself all the time, when is the object prototype enough to make it reusable? I feel like always adding something here and there up to the point it is not reusable anymore. Inhereting half the stuff you don't need from the prototype is not a good practice though, i fill it with methods anyway. Really hard to decide when it's fully reusable
  4. It's been mentioned already, i think that we are all dealing with the same problems as game devs or someone who has anything to do with games professionally. The hardest thing is to draw a line, where you have to stop and overview what you've done. Unless you have a good practical skills and already have visuals of the schematics modulized. I also find it hard to come up with an idea which hasn't been done before. Or if it's even possible to implement in the game. Usually the impossible ones are not taken, just because no one can make them. That is a problem. That said, it comes the day when you realize that your whole work has been done by someone you did not know prior to starting the project. I can imagine 1000 Isaac Newtons working on one idea, and when one of them came out, the other 999 Newtons had to stop to evade plagiarism
  5. Chalpie

    Do you still play video games?

    It's been a while actually, i do pick up AAA titles once in a while just to see the trends and if we are moving forward or staying in the debree of an old technology. I do pick up smaller games too, but at most part the demand is growing, but the games are stale, it is my problem i am sure, since working for a few companies i started to look into gaming more serious, from professional perspective, and i believe most of you are too.
  6. Specifically for game development, it's easily in the top list of this niche. I find people here more mature compared to other dev sites, and i enjoy just lurking around while working on my own problems. I found a few really good tweaks around here over this year, i don't think alexa ranks reflects the data we would need to make a conclusion about the popularity of this site. It has a strong authority, almost immovable
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