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  1. That one is interesting.
  2. 1 - Porque hablamos en ingles si vos sos de España y yo de Basuralandia. 2 - Los dos pensamos igual. E indirectamente con eso que cite, me contestaste. Mi duda era en que perder tiempo. Y veía que sfml no producía nada bueno incluso en 2D. Por lo que me pareció (divertido) pero inútil, ya que siendo programador puedo calcular lo que me va a llevar aprender sfml y me parece que no rendiría el asunto y podría haber invertido el tiempo en otra librería de la cual se valoraría el esfuerzo. Osea que lo que vos me planteas es: ¿Aprender direcftx o opengl (y las librerias que lo acompañan) y arrancar humildemente haciendo porquerias y luego meterlas en un portfolio para poder entrar en una empresa tanto de desarrollo de videojuegos como de otros ámbitos de la programación.?. Si es asi, ¿Que otras librerías acompañan a Opengl (audio, red, etc)? ¿Sirbe para hacer 2d, que seria el equivalente a Opengl para 2D, o ahi si me sirve SFML y listo? Saludos cordiales, Santiago.
  3. ElMaquinola

    Starting a new 1v1 fighting game

    From my experience, what makes a fighter entertaining are the different responses to attacks and the effects of the attacks. Also a 2d fighter would not stand out if it's not based on an anime (fanservice). If you want a good example of fighter look at : Bleach Blade Battlers 2 PS2 and Def Jam PS2. From the drawing style. As most of the audience will be male; the characters should be 2 or 3 atletic man (the punk, the retro-rocker, the worker) a police and a fat man, and old person or a drunk, and then a lot of ladies with sexi outfits. You can make moves like : Blocking, counter-atackes, blocking with stun, defense break, trowing techniques, special powers, and such. Let me tell you my friend, that in the 2d fighting world, everything has been invented already. Saludos.
  4. ElMaquinola

    C# Programmer seeking Project

    What you need most is a musician and a cartoonist. Everything else can be easily achieved by adding programmers. Why I tell you this. Because I am starting in game dev (I think you too) and have learnt that librarys like sfml let you make a plataformer in one afternoon by yourself. So, you would bee needing an artist more than a programmer. If you use unity I'ts even less code. But harder to find someone who makes the 3d models. I wish you luck!
  5. @jjimenezg93 I understand that there are options, needs, and a "what I want" factor. The thing is I don't care for that stuff. I left that behind with my youth. What I focus now Is to use the skills I have acquired (C, C++. C#, and web) for something I like and know I'm good at designing; I've wasted almost 20 years playing video games and learnt how they should be done, so I would like to give It a shot and If I fail at least I would have enjoyed It. On the other hand, despite the fact I wouldn't mind moving, I live in Argentina and the only It stuff around here are web development enterprises (little ones), so there is nowhere to move. I wouldn't mind moving to another country, but I don't think It is possible because you have to get a job first and then get a visa; we Argentinians can't enter any country like Americans or such. With that in mind, I would like to ask for an advice on wich technology should I invest time. Because I work and don't live in my parents basement; and time is something I don't want to waste. Lets put it in clearer words: 1 - You can make an aplication, with a software for making them; but it would be for personal use and hardly to sell. 2 - You can make it yourself, and then sell it. This can be achieved in 3 degrees of complexity: 2.a - You can program in Visual Studio and use the drag and drop tools from windows forms. 2.b - You can use C and call the Win32 Api. 3.c - You can build your Api. The same can be achieved in 4 ways, but some are fast useles and the other hard useless. And all of them requiere that the programmer learns It, So, I would like to know what to do, because I am lost. I like videogames and want to make them myself; and If that knowledge is usefull for working nowdays would be perfect. For example if people use unreal engine for making profesional games, and I already know C++; why should I waste time with SFML (one an Engine, the other a library; but are made for the same porpose).
  6. I´ve been searching in the web since last year and couldn´t find an answer. All I find are "recommendation" posts that are based on preferences or trivial and ambiguous matters such as difficulty. If It takes me 1 year to master SFML and it takes me 2 years mastering Opengl and the other libraries needed; I would choose Opengl; because I would be wasting 1 year in something that has only hobby uses. If I invest a year in learning something I would like to make a profit from It. Also If an Engine would be moer job-wise, I would choose that instead. I am in second year (finishing) in Software Engineering (in Argentina) and have advanced knowledge in C, C++, C#, Net, Web languages; and a little of Assembly. So I don't need the basics of language. I found SFML and It comes with a bunch of services (net, audio, graphics) and used it a bit, and found it quite information-less; I heard about DirectX and Opengl, but all I find is "It is verry difficult, use SFML". If you ask me about hobby, I would like somethinc close to code and efitient; for 2d graphics that I could draw myself. If you ask me about work, I would choose something that could help me get a Job. What would be awesome is, if there is something that could be a mixture of that. Thanks in advance, Santiago.
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