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  1. Hey mate! I didn´t see you game published pon the Gamejam.
  2. Will you release the Jam today?
  3. Hey! I already saw this game in Unity gamejam! Luck with the development, there´re many participants but I only can find info about Project BlockchainZ.
  4. Daniel Pacheco

    Maps - showing player?

    Definetly... show the player, I wouldn´t like to research were I am, should destroy the player experience.
  5. Daniel Pacheco

    Begginer at writting for video games.

    I don´t know anything about writting but as user, i like first gameplay and if the mechanics are great so is when I start to fall in the story of the game.
  6. Daniel Pacheco

    Rocky Knight

    Wow! and the game is running on Itch.io. What are your plans with this game?
  7. Daniel Pacheco

    Where to find music ?

    Thanks for sharing that options.
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