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  1. Hello Game Dev Enthusiasts, I've been developing a top down 2D shooter for a couple years now. I am looking for other people in the same situation as me, who has time to work on this project, is serious about game design and needs to complete a first project to open doors for their future career. What I have finished: AI (Game Characters have programmable goals, pathfinding and decision making) Maps (Maps have triggers, items etc) Game State Machine (Can change between PlayState, PauseState etc) Characters and CreationFactory (Can create any characters with unique AI that can be easily programmed) Data Driven Design (Levels, Maps and any variables can be loaded from .XML files) Porting (The code works in Linux and Android) Graphics (The SDL framework is simple and working, I want sprites animated and created in Aseprite) Concept Art and Design (My own sketches for characters, My own story possibilites, My ideas on Game Design and Fun , Research on Game Design/Animation/Storytelling etc) What I am looking for: Someone who's life has room to spend serious time on getting this project finished. Have you worked on or can quickly learn SDL and C++? Do you know about Design Patterns? Do you have experience with Software Engineering ( Can you add documentation like Software Requirements Specification)? Are you creative and can actually complete creative ambitions? Or are you a writer, 2D artist, Concept Artist, Animator, Character Artist or Game Designer who is highly motivated and has time to contribute? If you prefer to work in Windows, you need to be able to modify Linux C++/SDL source files to compile in Windows. Thank you for your time. Look forward to hearing from you all. Shaun.
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