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  1. Project Title:ArcturonDescription:Arcturon is a 2d space singelplayer sandbox game where the player must "fight" or "flight" in a dying universe plagued by wars,universal catastrophes and so forth.The game is set in dimensions/realms where there are currently 6 realms/universes to go to "More might be planned"..1.being the main universe that is infinite in size but this is a statement that is shrouded as it is actively getting destroyed. 2.Xeon: The "Energy Void" as they call it is a realm that is a mystery this realm is full of space-time rifts that can spawn any sort of creature randomly and gravity is majorly different compared. 3.Crimaxtion:This realm is called worst than hell itself is a universe/realm so hostile this is where the true survival test will be given.There is more to this but thats just a quick rundown. For me this is a hobby project i have no true planning or motive for revenue.I would want to see where this goes first if this becomes some sort of big thing payment would be discussed if required.Im posting this as i believe that if im the one doing the programming and someone else can do the art at least for the majority it could get a lot of load off my back and the game can finally make major strides again in progression and feel.I have prototypes and some current snapshots should they need to be analyzed.Talent Required:2D Artist (How Many I Can Take)That have the ability to draw characters,npcs and hostile foes.The ability to animate if possible.Bonus.The ability to draw environments like parallax.Bonus.More details will be laid out to whoever accepts all this.If anymore information is required please Contact,PM or Reply. Also the formatting seems to be acting odd so sorry for these black lines of text?
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