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  1. Original post: (Thought I could edit it as an update, but I guess I left it too long or something.) The new public milestone build is here, pre-alpha v0.007. SCREENSHOTS: NSFW warning: 18+, yuri / lesbian, foot fetish / bondage / tickling fetish etc. Current build available free here: https://mega.nz/#!J2oABSqY!cEB94a9_eY6ZQvWvHN3fqy0XG1oXhaQggih15BIjZIk (PC only) (RAR archive, requires WinRAR etc. to open / extract.) Please read the original post for more info. All critique & advice welcomed & considered, kindly e-mail TripleTreatGame@gmail.com with any bug reports / volunteering / fan works etc.
  2. (I asked on the Discord and was told this was acceptable to post as long as I made it clear it's an 18+ project) Hey guys, I thought I'd post here to try and get some feedback & advice on my game. I make my living via Patreon, as an artist specializing in very niche fetish content, and my usual products are "minigames" of sorts, formerly done in Flash until I made the switch to RPG Maker MV. I've meddled around with RPG Maker versions for years starting with XP, but never actually made any "proper" games, so I'm familiar with it. You can find some free demos here: https://www.deviantart.com/screampunkarts/gallery/?catpath=%2F&edit=0&q=rpg+make... (Warning: NSFW / 18+) "What are you doing?" Over summer, I've been working on my first full game, inspired by HuniePop, Doki Doki Literature Club, and some of my own life experiences. The reason I've decided to use RPG Maker to produce a Visual Novel is because: 1) I have some experience with the program's basic functions. 2) I know nothing about any kind of coding languages, which is why I'm not using a more "ideal" engine like Ren'py. 3) I'm going to be implementing "special scenes" using the 4) I hope to break the stigma against RPG Maker, which I believe is only there because people fail to use it to its full potential (I.E using stock assets in finished products, which I feel is unacceptable for a serious developer). 5) At this point, I feel the help I've commissioned and the framework I've built is too deep into RPG Maker to turn back now. The main cast of the game, the Troy family. "What's it about?" You can find the details about the game here: https://tripletreatgame.tumblr.com/post/176912944142/welcome-all-this-is-the-off... (Character profiles and development updates are also available on this blog. Again, NSFW / 18+ warning.) But long story short: You can expect foot fetish, bondage and tickling fetish as themes, but primarily this is a romantic comedy. Without spoiling anything, the story will become quite deep as I continue development (the current build only covers Chapter 1) In the story, you play the role of a game design student leaving college for the day, who encounters three wealthy sisters stranded in the rain. The usual VN / harem cycle occurs as you attempt to win the affection of one of them, but there's a little more going on than you realize. "Where can we play it?" The most recent build I've put out is what I consider Pre-Alpha v0.005.5. PC users can download & play it for free here: https://mega.nz/#!QmxlmaAQ!HKk9DvgFQ2OWZwrobmXLwhQa6ohv-ghhIYJcl-NmLAk (Again, NSFW / 18+ warning.) "What do you need?" The reason I'm posting here is to gather absolutely any advice / critique I can from fellow developers and players alike. Graphics, writing, gameplay, technical stuff, all comments / criticisms are welcome & considered. Due to many art assets being incomplete or placeholders, I'm also running a poll to decide the shading style I'll use in the special scenes. You can find this on the Patreon page here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/21921003 ==== I know it's not for everyone's taste, but I'm hoping to break the stigma of fetish art / games by creating something of reasonable quality with a good story. Once it enters Beta, I plan to start a crowdfunding campaign, perhaps via Kimochi Red Light, in order to hire voice actors and commission an original soundtrack. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the current build~ Some screenshots:
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