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  1. Kuxy

    SAT OBB-OBB - collision normal

    Normals are working perfect and now i feel pretty bad because it really is easy and intuitive I've look a bit into clipping and i'll do my best to make it work. And after that i'll try the Gauss map optimisation that you showed in your talk. Thanks again for all the help and all the information you guys provide.
  2. Kuxy

    SAT OBB-OBB - collision normal

    Yes i've already read your blog and it was very informative in many ways. This time I also checked the Dirk Gregorius GDC talk and i guess the conclusion is: Sutherland-Hodgman clipping. Even though that subject is barely touched (as far as i could see) on the D. Gregorious slides (that were otherwise very thorough and insightful) your finished implementation definitely helps a lot. Thanks
  3. Hello. I'm in process of implementing the SAT for OBB-OBB test and the detection part is working fine and all that i'm missing is collision normal. Tried few options but it never works perfectly (comparing it with Unity's). I'd appreciate any kind of input on that matter. Thanks
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