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  1. Scott Browne

    Graphics and Art Style

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll see what I can do about your points as they seem valid to me. The portraits, I did those in about an hour or so each. They'll def get more polished. I was hoping the size was going to make it hard notice the different but I have no problem adding more detail to them. It's probably one of the most enjoyable parts of drawing Ya I loved Baldur's Gate. It's one of my favorite games.
  2. Scott Browne

    Graphics and Art Style

    It's actually neither. It's supposed to be a field around the king trapping him and his men. I think it may be hard but tell just by the pictures. But with what you said I still think I could do a better job. I choose that spot as I needed a funnel like spot for this scene where you're trapped and invaded. Blocking the path was part of the plan. If you like to take a look here is the link. Perhaps it would make more sense?
  3. Scott Browne

    Graphics and Art Style

    It's a castle garden so it was designed for whatever they use them for, meetings weddings etc. It would be designed by a gardener. I think I will bring some flowers back and just do a better job at making it look better. I'll work on that brick again.
  4. Scott Browne

    Graphics and Art Style

    Thanks Kevin. It really helps that you did say something. I wasn't sure the old was all that bad myself. But I will never turn down any advice and I'm still plugging in different looks to see the difference. I did notice all of the designers were cartoonists or favored that art style so perhaps that is how the like it. Thanks sharing your opinion. Enjoy your weekend
  5. Scott Browne

    Graphics and Art Style

    I've recently made a post on Facebook and some people mentioned the art style of my game was in need of a change. I took what some of them had to say and tried to improved it to some degree(lighting, reduced flowers and took adjusted some of the texture repetition out. Most were not that difficult to change. I don't want to redo the entire game to pixel art as it's a 3D game. I do have my entire graphics set into atlas textures so change the look isn't that difficult. I could go more detail, or the flip side and make it look low poly. Here are some before and after pics see below: If you want to see the facebook post to see the video here is the link. Youtube you can view the video here. Any suggestions let me know. Thanks a lot.
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