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  1. MordredX

    Psy - Dungeon Challenge

    Amazing retro aesthetics. Loved it. I will try it out as soon as I can. Cheers, r1ckparker,
  2. Thaks a lot, Znippy!!! I'm glad you liked it! It' awase isn't it? I think I should use it ingame. Thanks for the comments!! No Rutin, what place... I mean the game was not properly tested but after the second level you have to find the princess... just walki right straight. No tricks that I am aware of.
  3. Thanks a lot!! Have you found the princess?
  4. Wow, really? Thanks a lot. I wish I had more time to invest in the gameplay, but... you know... life, swings and roundabouts. I am happy to hear you liked it.😊
  5. I'm so sorry. I feel stupid... The name is misleading, I couldn't finish the concept due to personal problems. I will add those words in the description. I wanted the frog to colect the one ring... but the the 30th came...
  6. Oh, jeez... did I upload the project? so sorry... I'll change it right away. 🙃
  7. This is my submission for the challenge. I wish I had more time to finish the project the way I wanted. Here you go: Hope you enjoy it.
  8. MordredX


    about Frogo I've learnt a lot trying to come up with a good idea. I had uncountable problems to deal with, both internal (programming, learning, coding) and external... spilled liquids in the keyboard, Unity nor working, format C:, working, studying... and so on. Coding the physics was a nightmare, I couldn't make it work the way I thought it should. Finally, it was a lot of fun and I've learnt a great deal. In the end, I feel I didn't finish the game.
  9. MordredX

    Fundamentals of Horror

    Excellent! I recommend everybody to read The Uncanny (Freud). It's a great piece of work that helps you understand and conceptualise horror. I also recommend Foundations on Literary Studies on the uncanny and Frankenstein.
  10. MordredX

    White Cross (Demo)

    Album for White Cross (Demo)
  11. MordredX


    Album for Frogo
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