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  1. All great suggestions and really appreciate the help guys, definitely got enough to work on and keep me busy. Good luck with your own projects!
  2. Right that makes sense, i'll definitely work on that. I appreciate all the help! That's fair, by text adventure i meant bare bones console describing the environment to you, typing for where you want to go and what you want to do. I understand i didn't make that clear. I appreciate the point of view. Just hearing the word 'engine' makes me feel a bit out of my depth, haven't even finished many full programs especially on the scale i plan with this one. But i will have to give that ashot as it is the most recommended option here and it seems beneficial to learn it now. Thanks for the help! (Yeah don't really know XML i'm barely scraping the surface of c# lol)
  3. I can do this no problem, it makes sense to me. But having twenty to a hundred of these put in an order that works based off decisions is what confuses me, i'm just looking for a better less messy way. Hmm okay, i understand switches as I've studied them but they seem rather limiting for what i want to do, well at least at the simple level I've learned them.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, again i am just learning at college level and although i'm doing this project because im ahead of my class and need something harder i dont really have a grasp on a lot of the keywords etc. I feel like it must be bad practice but would it be okay to just call methods depending on the players decisions?
  5. Yeah don't think i want to use an engine, even by itself i'm struggling with the links you sent me. I have no reference to understand it, public bool Result { get; set; } the parameters of the line above i'm not familiar with and i'm pretty sure that's the simplest thing on the page, anything you could recommend for beginners?
  6. Thank you for the suggestions! As i'm still quite inexperienced it's hard to wrap my head around some of the concepts so it'll take some time to tell what'll work for me but both seem like great solutions. I'll update this after some messing about, thanks again!
  7. Hi there, So i'm an inexperienced student learning games dev at college and im studying c#, in my spare time im trying to work on a text adventure game with a narrative. My issue is that i dont know how to make the decisions, well not simply anyhow. I could write out 50 variables for each decision to read from the player but that would become very tedious and too messy to even comprehend when im adding content. I was thinking of adding functions to hold each decision or area but im at a lack of knowledge on how to jump to a function or if it's even a good solution. I know i could use an array and each decision be a number but that just doesn't seem like a good solution to me either. Any advice would be appreciated and this whole topic might sound dumb to a professional so be understanding please haha. Thanks, Luke
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