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  1. I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this, or found a way to resolve it. I'm working on a FPS prototype in Unreal Engine 4 that allows a character to shrink down to the size of a dust-mite. The character starts slightly oversized, at 3.0 uniform; however, when shrinking, it seems like anything past 0.1 has no effect. It doesnt seem like I can shrink the characters perspective past that, even though I'm "technically" shrinking to 0.01 and even as far as 0.001. No difference. Now, from a third person perspective, I can get an NPC to shrink right down and out of site if need be.. I'm thinking it may be some limitation with the camera. Can anyone think of any ideas to solve this, without starting with a word at a much much larger scale? Thanks in advance, -Evan
  2. Hello, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right area, as this is not directly code related. I am an aspiring Gameplay Programmer in one of the worst geographic areas for game development (New Hampshire, USA). I've toyed with the idea of crowd sourcing some personal / team projects, and I was wondering how people go about that? I mean, If there are sites other than kickstarter I'd love to hear about it, but also I understand marketing is important! If you can offer any tips on attracting a crowd and really selling my idea, I think that would be very helpful. Thank you, -Evan
  3. Thanks Dan, I believe this is the answer I was looking for. Scaling up the POV while simultaneously shrinking the player does look a lot more believable. The one issue I'm still facing -- may not be an issue in the long run -- but its that the change in POV warps my hand-held weapon. To be expected based on the solution, but that's something I hope I'll be able to iron out without just removing hand held items all together. And Alberth, your comment ended up being quite helpful after all. While I was having a really hard time imagining what it would look/feel like to actually shrink myself, it was much easier to imagine the world around me growing (for some reason) so that helped me picture the result I was looking for. That gave me some direction when I started toying with POV. Thank you both! -Evan
  4. Thanks for replying. That is an interesting idea; however, there will be moving parts (AI, physics-enabled objects) that I'm afraid would not handle this well. Additionally this would rule out any chance of multiplayer where one player is large and the other is not.
  5. Hello, I am working on a FPS in UE4 where the main character has the ability to grow and shrink and am trying to identify the best way to make this transition look as realistic as possible. I have found that simply resizing the player model only serves to adjust the elevation, but does not give the appearance of changing size. Any advice on how to do this, especially within UE4, would be greatly appreciated! Also, although it isn't critical, eventually I would like to incorporate this into VR (Oculus/HTC Vive), so if you're aware of any finesses that would only apply to VR, that would also be very helpful. Thank you, -Evan
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