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  1. DabbingTree

    Join my Ludum Dare team!

    I am joining a team for Ludum Dare 43, and I need a designer and an artist. We will use Unity3D for the game engine. https://crowdforge.io/jams/ludumdare/teams/2621
  2. DabbingTree

    Education Join the 1st TribaJam!

    TribaJam is going to be a 3-month game jam lasting from December 1st, 3PM EST to March 3rd, 3PM EST. At 3PM, December 1st, I will release the theme on a blog post on my IndieDB account, DabbingTree. When you learn the theme, you are allowed to start your game! I will also release how you will send your game in that blog post. RULES: 1. You must use the theme. 2. You are not allowed to start it before the jam starts. All finished entries posted in the first 7 days will be instantly disqualified. 3. No using copyrighted material AT ALL! 4. No advertising in your entry. After the jam, do whatever you want with your game. But no advertising in the entry. 5. Only one entry per person. No throwing together 40 games and entering it. 6. You are allowed to team with any number of people. Supported Systems: Xbox One Windows/MacOS/Linux iOS Android WebGL Your game entry will be all yours. We will not take the winning game or any others. I invite game developers of every kind to come and make a game!
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