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  1. Purple Spelly

    RPG coder looking for a project

    I'm Intrested. Btw, i hope you don't mind that i'm asking, Are you working for Free/Revshare? And also i emailed you with my gmail Kingdomoftg@gmail.com So Please consider to check it out! Thanksis
  2. Hiya! i'm Jason, And i want to reach everyone here who's excited about making games! And as the Title says, I'm looking for either GMS2 Programmers Or Godot Programmers. I want to invite you to my Game Creation Of Imagistory, A Beautiful 2D RPG game with Plot twists, Corky Characters and an amazing story. Here is some spoliers: Long ago, A mystical Comet Flew throughout the universe. Legends say that one day this comet will create a brand-new galaxy. A little scientist named Brown tried to fly to space to see the comet in action. His Friends, the Wizards, went with him to see the explosion. Until… A Vortex Pulled them into a strange portal. They all scattered in different locations. What will Brown Do? And Here is Some Art: I'm Ciao Gelato #7986 on discord and my email is is imagistory2500@gmail.com, if you want to contact me there. I'm Looking For Free/Revshare Workers, Please! Stay Creative!!!
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