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  1. Adrian HS

    Doom Challenge, Doomed Attempt.

    Im in the same situation like you, i work when i could, even i make a log, and my time wasnt enough, i will continue developing my game with the code i make but in other genre. I felt bad because Doom is my favorite game and in this game i was planning to out my baby daughter as the main character...
  2. Adrian HS

    Doomish - Almost Done... Except Fer Them Levels

    Your almost done and im halfway of my proyect, good work!!
  3. Adrian HS

    Ultimate EmmA

    This is a tribute for my daughter Emma combined with my favorite game.
  4. Adrian HS

    Ultimate EmmA

    Album for Ultimate EmmA
  5. Adrian HS

    Week #4

    week #4 fly by, time its running out and the progress for this week was making the first enemy, the first weapon and the basic health gui, of curse this is not the final art. i must work harder in order to keep up with my schedule and finish on time!! 😓
  6. Adrian HS

    Week #3

    Hi everyone!! Week #2 pass very fast for me, i lost many time fighting with some problems with Godot Engine and with Deled(the level editor), godot was render my level mesh very bad but it was beause the size of my poligons, they were to big, then, making the level with Deled was very slow, it has a couple of bug but the collada exporter its what i need to work better in godot. This week #3 instead of create a test room i make the firts level, i have to make twice because the fist time the map was to big, so i decide to make smaller maps, and finally have something importing into Godot Engine, the player is a capsule but the collision its working fine, next week i hope to have the first monster and the first weapon.
  7. Adrian HS

    Doomish - About 70% Done

    The graphics are great, looking very good!!
  8. Adrian HS


  9. Adrian HS

    Week #2

    Well week #1 passes to fast thinking in all of the scope of the project, later i will showing more on this, now im ready for week #2. Here is some of the tools for the project: Godot Engine - for coding the game, very easy to program and to learn. Deled Editor - for create levels. attached an image of the level im making I hope by the end of the week have something in the engine,perhaps the basic movement and collision.
  10. Adrian HS

    Doomish - About Halfway Done

    Looks very good!!
  11. Adrian HS

    Beggining the Doom Challenge

    Im glad i clean my email inbox just to see this challenge was active. all the weekend i was thinking how to make this game and i now have a solid idea what to do. Doom its my favorite game and this challenge its perfect to retun making games, its been a while since my last game jam and my last "completed game", i really hope to finish this project becasue my game design skill are very weak by now, i wll start today and when i have sometime interesting to show i will post it here. Good Luck to everyone!!
  12. Adrian HS

    Need some help with a project C

    This to examples are very easy, you have to read the input from the player do some validation and print the results, i think guess the number its more easy than hangman.
  13. Adrian HS

    Need some help with a project C

    My first "game" when i was learning java was hangman, the one where you have to guess the word with 3 chances, you don have to draw the hangman. Thats very basic and easy to implement.
  14. If you are starting work with primitive assets until you have more solid mechanics, if you already have a game and want better assets working with an artist seems the way to go.
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