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  1. Any recommendation on GUI solutions for games?

    I've had success with dear ImGui (https://github.com/ocornut/imgui); really easy to hook up and do stuff with. It's an immediate mode gui, I don't know if that has any problems for you.
  2. Which naming style for my C Library?

    I agree, as long as you're consistent it'll be fine. 
  3. UE4 and unit tests

    Create a new Module for your tests, add the Module you want to test as a dependency of your test module. You'll have to give it access to privates, which means exposing your classes with an export declaration.
  4. Back to the Platformer (again)

    [b]@[member='Aardvajk'][/b], nope - it makes perfect sense - sorry to bring it up. Onwards to the future, my friend.
  5. Back to the Platformer (again)

    What happened to that game you were working on a while back - the one where your Avatar is from?
  6. A quick overview of the basic setup

    If you use the code tags instead of quotes, the journal system will give you nice syntax highlighting for your code :)
  7. Quick Spaceship Model

    Wow, that's cool! Looks like something that I'd like to use :D
  8. Quick Spaceship Model

    What software did you use for the model?
  9. Launched Spellbound on Steam

    Congratulations on your launch :)
  10. No idea what I'm doing

    You remember Ysaneya from the old days? He wrote a wealth of interesting stuff back on planet gen in his GameDev journal. Might be a bunch of stuff relevant to you. Looks like a cool project - looking forward to seeing more!
  11. C++ IDEs - a rant

    I keep meaning to try out VS Code for C++. I use it for Markdown and other stuff and find it to be great.   Another C++ IDE I keep meaning to check out is CLion. I'm a user of VS2015 (and 2013) and find the slowdown is very very real.
  12. Golem

    I guess the differences between my project and yours was that Golem was seemingly more complete than Manta-X, so I could easily strip down and remove things. I also didn't migrate to a new system, I did it all in-situ because it was easy to do that. Smart me would scrap it and create the whole thing in UE or Unity, but I'm enjoying messing with the code :)
  13. On The Topic Of Retrospectives...

      Only one member allowed though.     bravo sir, bravo.
  14. On The Topic Of Retrospectives...

    I think back in that era we were all Singleton abusers. We should start a Singleton Abusers Anonymous.
  15. Old Code

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