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    This is a demo version only has the first level, for the full version the game will be charged ..! Hello my name is Lailson and this is my first game projectmade in unity, It's a lot of work and dedication that I have a great passion and what motivates me to develop really cool games. I strive to be a great game developer possible. I love working with games, giving life to my imagination and vision. Since I was little I always enjoyed playing videogame, I lived the time of the atari passing through the master system, super nintendo, playstation until the present day. later, I got a place in a superior technology course in gaming, from then on I did not stop. currently working at home developing games, I use the "Unity3d" graphics engine with the "C #" language. I've always had this dream of developing games and now thanks to GOD I'm getting it. follows the link below https://lailsoncristiano.itch.io/pearls
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