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  1. Thank you a ton for this information. I will do as you say.
  2. Well, they are also paying me a fixed amount and not just through a % of revenue. That is kind of why I'm trying to gauge the amount to ask for. They are also very open to negotiation and have a demo finished already.
  3. I see. Thank you for the info. I will estimate the cost after checking with a few knowledgable people near me. Thank you, everyone, in this thread for the feedback.
  4. Prior to this, I have worked on minor freelance projects over the years. For those, I typically set a rate per word that made it easy for both me and the client to keep up with. However, this situation is significantly bigger than those based off the context and scope of the project in question, which is why I am having a hard time deciding on a price to open the negotiations with. It is the type of gig that I would absolutely not want to walk away from. As this is a Fixed Price + Revenue job is working per word still a viable metric to go by? Thanks again.
  5. I apologize for the vague information about the game in question so I will give a little more information in hopes of some clarity: For certain, the game will be released as there is currently an existing and playable demo that is available to the public. It might be getting significant backing from a larger publisher in the future, and is currently using Kickstarter to obtain additional funds to assist with development. The game is also set to release on Steam next year. That said, I also know that they are currently tight on a budget, though I am not currently certain how to account for that when asking for a starting price. Once more, I apologize for my ignorance on this subject matter, as I do not know how much the above information is even relevant to this topic. Thanks again for the informational replies.
  6. Thank you all for the quick replies. I will ask about how payments are made and the contract itself. My next(hopefully last) question is about the fixed amount. As I am being asked directly, what is a good amount to ask for exactly? I know for certain that there is one other dedicated writer besides myself. Up until now, the whole team had been pitching in to help with the narration, but only one was really working on it. I'm being hired to work directly on the main narration and am expected to be the one primarily focused on it once I begin. I understand that there are a huge amount of variables at play here. I am just trying to get a general understanding before I begin negotiations. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello! I am new to this forum, but I have decided to make an account in order to, hopefully, gain some clarity on the topic of Revenue Sharing. Recent, I have been offered a position at an indie game company as a Co-Writer on their RPG project. Everything about the position looks good and I can't wait to begin working with them. However, their budget is limited so they have offered me compensation with a fixed price plus revenue sharing. They then proceeded to ask me what amount would be fair. The biggest problem right now is that I have a limited understanding of how this process works, as this is my first jump into this type of field. I have been a long-time freelance writer, but this is foreign territory for me. My question(s) is: How do I know how much I should ask for? How does Revenue Sharing work? What is a fair fixed-price + Revenue sharing model? Finally, are there any references that I can utilize after this? I want to go into this process with as much information as possible, so I seriously appreciate the help. I apologize if this comes across strangely worded. I'm having a hard time putting my thoughts to words right now. Thank you in advance.
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