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  1. Hello guys. I am making a code for this game for a class task. so far I wrote some of it, and I need to write few things, who honestly I really don't know how to write them 😅. I was wonder if it is possible to somehow randomly choose a question, I mean I organized the question by levels so each level has 3 options and I want that the program will randomly select a question between the 3, do you guys think it is possible? And second thing, I need to write an help for the user, like if he wants he can choose that 2 answers out of the 4 will be gone so only 2 answers will left for him to choose, any ideas about how to make that? Thank's guys for all of your help, and sorry for my bad English.
  2. 123elad

    Need some help with a project C

    Alright I will check this suggestions. Thank's to you both. If any one has more ideas I will be happy to hear them. Thank's.
  3. 123elad

    Need some help with a project C

    Hey and thank's for you comment. Do you think its to simple to write it with at least 5 functions?
  4. Hello guys. In my studies I received a task to write a code in C, it can be a small game or any other idea I can think of. The only "Rules" I have is that the code must contain at least 5 functions. I am a pretty new to programming so I don't want to choose a task which will be to complicated for me. So I came here to ask for advice to an idea to a code. I would really appreciate any idea you guys have, and even if you don't have an idea for me I will still thank you for your time. Thank's alot!
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