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  1. This sounds promising and it gives me a No Man's Sky plus Ark Survival vibes. It'll probably take you a couple of years to get this done with all the 3D model that you need with the little team you're looking for.
  2. nastyplot

    Youtube music abyss

    This is great!
  3. nastyplot

    First time writer here.

    Sounds exciting to write though. You can do it by writing 2 choices and their consequences or do it in reverse by creating a goal then thinking of ways how to get to it.
  4. nastyplot

    any tips for writing a good dark fantasy setting?

    They always say that your hero is as good as your villain. If you're into world-building, you need to research how to establish the problem of your chosen world has been experiencing. It's good if it can reflect real-world problems such as corruption and tyranny.
  5. nastyplot

    Good 3D graphics books

    I'm intrigued so I'll check that out as well.
  6. nastyplot

    Japanese Dining Etiquette

    They're actually lenient with the dining etiquette of the visitor as long as they observe the proper rule of their chopstick. You can actually find tons of videos of that on Youtube.
  7. nastyplot

    Do you still play video games?

    Still grinding on fighting games such as Tekken 7 and Soul Caliber 6 and still planning to continue if there's a good deal on Nintendo Switch console this coming Black Friday so I could play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this December.
  8. nastyplot

    What are you working on?

    I love your character designs.
  9. nastyplot

    Am I good enough for hobby projects?

    I think you're actually good enough to be able to produce such output. Learning is a continuous process, just devote your time to your project and trust the process and you'll see how polish your work can become.
  10. nastyplot

    What are you working on?

    I'm still exploring ClipStudio art so I can draw my original characters digitally.
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