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  1. Hamdani

    We're Back with Prototype

    Ok I tell it to him, thanks we can't wait too to bring this game to everyone.
  2. Hamdani

    We're Back with Prototype

    Hello everyone, almost three weeks we are gone and now we are back. We have a few problem here for past three weeks. For the last week we could not use our college laboratory because it used for other event. So, we decide to move to our rented house. But because we do not have a proper table and place to work we have problem with our productivity. Beside it, last week our artist Elbert was busy with his graduation. We decided to continue the development this week. Luckily, we already finished our prototype and we decide to playtest it to our friends in GUMM. It's a game community in our college. We asked them to play it and observe their playstyle, playtime and suggestion. From the playtest we found some bugs that need to be fixed from the player can not stick to the wall and the game tutorial. And Ade our programmer already fixed it when I write this blog. And our artists started drawing the enemy character and add more environment detail. You can tak a look at the prototype we used when did playtest two weeks ago. We add a bar that indicates where the player will hook and make the player motion slow when you hold your finger while the player in mid air. Thank you guys have a nice day.
  3. Hamdani

    Let's Moving Forward

    Yeah that's right the sphere is the hook and the obstacle can be enemies, obstacle or other. The player must move upwards using the hook. The player will stick on the wall if they hit it, so the player have time to thing where to next We are working on the art now. We can't wait to share our next progress
  4. Hamdani

    Let's Moving Forward

    The hook will work when you tap screen while the character in the midair if the hook touch the box it will pull the capsule or the player body to the box and the player will stick to the wall if they jump to the wall. I forgot to tell the hook controller 😂
  5. Hamdani

    Let's Moving Forward

    Hello everyone, a lot of thing happen for the last week. Finally we are able to finish our MVP so we can test it internally. From the MVP we learn many thing from bugs, the mechanics that hard to implement, etc. The most valuable lesson from the MVP is sometimes the game design and the implementation give different result. Our game designer design the game that we think it's the best, but when our programmer implement and we test it in the MVP, it seems not good at all and bored. So we change the mechanics again specially for the hook controller, that's the main problem now. We need to find a good mechanics for the hook. Luckily, we already plan other mechanics for the hook some weeks ago before we start the development process. We also plan or I guess we did not know what to pick so we make some choice that can we use in the development. For example, when we deciding the game theme we make a bunch of theme and pick the one that we think is the best. It also happened when choosing 3D or 2D for our games, and we agree to pick 2D. From this experience I can conclude that have some choice in the development can be good but to many choice will start making everyone confuse. Our artist Elbert and Amruzi is already finished the concept art for the environment and the character. So now we can move to drawing and animating the environment and character. The graphics looks good and better than the basic shape we use in the MVP now. Hope it will fit in the game. You can take a look at our MVP below, feel free to give us any feedback Have a nice day
  6. Hamdani

    The Journey Begin

    Hello everyone, we are five man indie game developer from Indonesia working together on a mobile game. We do not give name to the game name yet, but we called the project “Graveyard Escape”. The game development start with Ade and Elbert idea’s to develop game together with Amruzi, Syauqi and Me, Hamdani. We called ourself “Nomadden” because we do not have office for developing game, we used our college Laboratory. The Idea for this game we got it around 2 weeks ago when we discuss about the game idea. But we start the game development two days ago on monday. “I jump from wall to wall I pull myself onto anything After I throw something I feel awesome Who i am ? No, i am no spider I am a lonely dead man trying to escape from my grave because of boredom.” That’s it, the game is about a skeleton that rise from the dead. You need to control the skeleton to move upwards and not fall to the ground. The game controller is simply just tap, you just need to tap your screen to control the skeleton. You can also crush enemies, avoid obstacles and die again. At the moment we still working for the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for the game. It still using basic shape like box, capsule etc. We are doing this without any external support, so we do this without getting paid. For this reason we need to finish the demo version so we can do playtesting and getting feedback from player whether the game will be enjoyable. So stay alert , it will probably be flying out on November. Cheers have a nice day.
  7. Hamdani

    Potential Amateur Programmer

    Hello, I am also a beginner here. I already develope some games with my friends We can share talk and share our experience Good Luck
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