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  1. Znippy

    car script for unity

    If this will be your first project then you picked up a really hard challenge! In my opinion, implementing realistic car physics is a very complex task, that even a lot of AAA companies still can't do perfectly. I hardly doubt that you will find a script that is already implemented and fully working. I would recommend the following steps: 1. Read a lot about the Unity physics engine and try a lot of small stuff in order to understand how everything works. I don't know how much knowledge you have about physics so you might have to learn a couple of theory topics in order to understand enough. Yes, Unity has its own Physic engine but if you are now using everything correctly you will not get good results. 2. If you feel confident enough start with a small prototype and try to implement a simple physics-based input controller. There are a lot of different examples of these types of input controllers. Test a couple of them and try to modify them to your needs. 3. Try and error until you feel happy about your results. As I said, in my opinion, this is a pretty rough idea and especially as a beginner that really can take a lot of time. Sadly I can't really give you more tips because I have never done such a project myself. I just know from my own experience that a lot of physics-based stuff is pretty hard to get into. Please don't think that I want to discourage you. Nothing is impossible and Unity is a very good engine to get started! I would recommend to try out what I have said and if you have more specific questions feel free to ask again. In that case, it should be easier to help you.
  2. Znippy

    Is limbo game 3d or 2d

    As far as I know the game it is completely 2D. The game has multiple layers stacked on each other containing normal 2D sprites. The game Inside, made by the same developers, uses 3D objects. If you take a look at a couple of screenshots comparing both games you can clearly see the difference.
  3. Thank you! Sadly I don't have access to my Windows system until Friday/Saturday. Will report if it works then. I actually have a pretty decent computer so not really sure why this happens on my system.
  4. (I have reuploaded this blog entry since it is not possible to move a blog entry to a different blog and I wanted to create a separated blog for this project!) Hello everyone! So I actually started a new project. I decided to go with the turn-based thief game that I have mentioned in my last post! For my first week on this project, I decided to focus on creating basic classes for the different object types I will need. Map Generator and Map Loader I have created a simple Map Generator and Map Loader. The Generator will later be able to procedurally generate the levels. Since I also want to implement a Level Editor and I also need fixed maps for the campaign I also started working on a Map Loader. This object allows loading maps no matter how they were created as long as they follow the specific map structure. Currently, all information is stored in simple text files. I will probably move this into XML files later to allow more complex map structures. Basic Game Loop The basic game loop consists of two steps. First, it will handle the player actions. Every action will consume a different amount of turns. After the player actions have been handled the game loop will iterate over all AI objects so that these objects can react according to their function depending on the number of turns that should pass. Input Controller As the last thing, I have implemented a simple input controller that allows the player to move to the next tile. For controlling all Inputs I will put as many functions as possible into mouse controls. This keeps the option open to export this project to iOS and Android. I have created a small gif to show the current progress: The path is already loaded by the map loader from a file that I have created for the first tests. The white capsule is the player. First, the player selects the tile he wants to move to. After the player moved to this tile the game loop calls the turn function for all (in this case one) AI objects. The red capsule is a first basic AI enemy that follows a set path on the "map". I know it is not very much yet, but for only two small days of work, I am happy with my progress. Next Goals Create some basic models in order to create a more complex test map Improve input controller to support bigger maps Add first interactable objects That is all for this week! Thanks for reading and until next time! - Znippy Last post:
  5. Znippy

    frogger entry- hypnohack the toad

    Dang, this is really cool! Love the totally different attempt. Couldn't get past level 15. The increase in difficulty is perfect. Beautiful submission!
  6. Finally had time to play your submission! 1 Win 15 Losses. I like the difficulty. Good job!
  7. Finally had time to play your submission. For some reasons the game looks like this after the menu screen: Any ideas how to fix this? I have installed the latest Direct-X run-time as you mention on your project page. Still the same problem.
  8. Znippy

    Frogger Challenge Entry

    Really like the different gameplay attempt but still keeping all the core features. Sound effects fit nicely. Game crashed for me once when I was sitting on a turtle that tried to go out of the screen?
  9. Znippy

    Frogger Submission

    I wish I would have read that thing with the spacebar a little bit earlier. Got kind of confused for a couple of minutes. Took me some time to actually beat it. Fun submission! Really like it a lot!
  10. Znippy

    Frogger Challenge Entry - Gogger

    I agree with Rutin! Funny submission! Really like the art style. Fits really well together. That ending animation is brilliant!
  11. Really cool submission! That title screen alone is pretty awesome! Also, love the sound effects and music!
  12. Znippy

    Frogger Entry (Monster Frogger)

    Wow really like your submission! The increase in difficulty is very well done! Also that you gave the whole project your own setting. Tested both, Windows and Mac build. Both worked without any issues!
  13. Znippy

    It's beginning to look a lot like physics!

    It is kinda crazy what magic some sprites can do. Just starting up the project and putting something together really is a boost for motivation. Started working on my new project yesterday. Was kind of out of motivation first, but once I started coding it all came back. Good luck with the next steps!
  14. Thanks for adding a Mac build! Will try this as soon as I am back from work! That is actually a good idea. Maybe I should have done this for my project, too!
  15. Oh, you had the same idea? I hope I am not stealing any ideas. Currently, I think I will do the Thief game. Already have some nice ideas for this project.
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